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    A) Introduction

  1. Java Features – Buzz Words
  2. Java Drawbacks
  3. Primitive Data Types
  4. Strongly typed language
  5. Data Types Default Values – No Garbage
  6. Backslash in Java
  7. new Keyword
  8. Keywords
  9. Create Object
  10. Instantiate in Java
  11. Escape Sequences
  12. Static Blocks – Static Initialization
    B) General

  1. What is Java?
  2. Introduction to Java Programming
  3. Static Java
  4. Java Tutorial
  5. Java Language
  6. Java for Beginners
  7. Classes of Java
  8. What is Java Application?
  9. How to make an Application?
  10. Simple Java Applications

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  1. Sankarsan CHoudhury

    Sir your posts are too good. Since last few day i am going through all of your posts. Keep up the good work sir.

    I am a Manual QA and learning Java.

  2. sai sindhoorreddy

    sir ur the best because there are the people who want to encash money but ur the person who helping the students freely by providing material online and i think there was a god in u and i think u are the god.

    1. Type conversion is required mainly in user input. When the user input is not in a accepted form to your program, then type conversion is required. For example, when you ask the user to enter cost of mangoes in double form; but the user entered in integer form as 15 instead of 15.0, here conversion is required. For further see way2java link:

      1. No, I’m from chirala(Prakasam Dist.,)…Sir,plss tell me some gud text books to learn java…u write any textbooks on java? If Ur answer is yes,then pls tell me about that…or guide me which one is gud,having with gud explanation…please.Thank you.

          1. :D This site is really good, every topic in this site is so good.I liked this site very much :) every time,it is not possible to browse this site.So, for that reason ,I’m asking you about java textbooks…Sir,you will provide any hard copies of this data,available in this site? Thank you for your response…

  3. Sir,
    some of the persons says like java is pure object oriented language. but some other persons are saying that java is a not fully object oriented language.. which one is correct… plz give me the answer in detail..
    PLZ …PLZ ….PLZ

    1. Abhinav Joshi

      To my knowledge Java is Object oriented but not Pure.
      As in Java the primitive data types are not of type Object. Rather you can convert them through wrapper class.
      And the second thought comes to my mind about why java is not pure OO.

      Through interface you can implement multiple inheritance but the methods are abstract… So you have to define them where you use them.

      For eg. In real life inheritance is like you get your nose for your Mom Dad… But in java you get a node but you have to define it bu yourself…

      Hope i am able to make myself clear… :)

      1. Do not worry much about Java is OOPs language or not.

        Primitive date types are given to make programming easy. No primitive data types are there, you must your self boxing operations for every data type. Infact, all DS of Java store primitive data types as objects.

        Multiple inheritance is basically avoided to come out of the problem of virtual functions.

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