What is Java Application?

Application, may be of Java or other language, comes with a clear task to do. To achieve the task, an application comprises of a number of individual programs. All these programs are weaved carefully by the Developer to achieve the task. Read further into "What is Java Application?"

For example, I would like to transfer money from my account to my friend’s. I want an application that is capable to debit (subtract) from my account and credit (add) in my friend account. It looks two programs are needed – one that debits and one that credits. In practice, more are required to access the database, to maintain ACID properties of transaction etc. Examples of applications are banking application, e-commerce application etc.

A novice (beginner) thinks an application is nothing but a program or a single program. Single program helps to learn a language.

Coming to Java, the programs are again divided into Applications and Applets. The simple difference is Application runs at command prompt and Applet runs in a Browser. Applets (and also Servlets) are designed with special syntax to suit Internet.

Let us write a simple application with main() method that calculates Employee salary in this "What is Java Application?".
public class Employee
  public static void main(String args[])
    String name = "Jyostna";           // define some variables
    int id = 1234;
    double salary = 6789.99;    
    System.out.println("\nEmployee Name: " + name);
    System.out.println("Employee ID: " + id);
    System.out.println("Employee Salary Rs: " + salary);
    System.out.println("Employee Name: " + name + " ID: " + id + " Salary Rs." + salary);

What is Java Application?Output Screenshot on What is Java Application?

The above application contains only one program given for simplicity. If you still would like involving more programs fill the comment box.

To dig more into the subject, follow the links of way2java given with full Explanation, Examples, Screenshots and in Simple terms.

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