What is Java?

What is Java ? is explained in Simple terms for a Beginner to get an idea of Java.

Java, developed by Sun Microsystems and released to market in 1995, is a high-level programming language with many unparalleled features. It can be used to develop standalone applications, web applications (applets and servlets), e-commerce applications, enterprise applications (like banking) and mobile applications. Very strong in LAN based as well as Client-Server programming with predefined methods.

Java is simple to practice, due to predefined classes and methods added to each version released now and then. To quote the simplicity, a linked list program can be mastered just in 15 minutes. Within 15 minutes of learning, you can do more operations than what you have learnt in C/C++ coaching, like deleting a range of nodes etc. In socket programming, one line of code is enough on client side just to send a simple message like "Hello Server" to server.

To say one word, there is no part of world where Java is not used. A Java student can get a job anywhere in the world. It is object-oriented and platform independent.

If written like this, books and notes will get exhausted.

Let us go into the subject slowly, perhaps you are definitely interested.

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  1. Hello sir,
    I have referred and studied java from a plethora of websites and books, but I ended in a lot of confusions.
    Finally, I landed on a friendly website, “way2java”, where every topic is explained in such a lucid way.
    Have you written books on Java, sir, if so please tell me through my Email?
    Thank you, for your priceless support.
    And please fully complete the servlet topic, sir.

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