Java Beginners

For Java Beginners, it is simple language to learn and practice. C/C++ students and programmers accept this without any discussion. First reason why simple is "Java does not support pointers" and infact we write Data structures without pointers – Unbelievable for C/C++ people.

But Java is vast like a ocean. It requires good practice for Java Beginners. Java comes with many versions (known as JDK versions) where as C/C++ do not have any. The reason is, for example, C-lang was introduced to world in 1971. After that, nobody added a single header file or single function to it. What was there in 1971, the same today also. Observe, the needs of the programming world changes every day. After 1971, there comes, e-commerce, Bank ATMs, Web communication, mobile applications etc.

How to develop these applications, most demanded today, in C/C++. They can be developed, but it takes very lengthy codes. Nothing impossible to C/C++ in the world. If it is not possible to C/C++, it is also not possible to Java. Java is not a single man property, it is a corporate property. The person or team of persons, who developed Java, may die, but company will not die.

The company observes the world, the requirements of the world, and releases predefined classes and packages supporting the latest technologies. The result is versions released now and then. The result is less code, fast programming, speedy delivery of the project. For this reason, Java is known as "Production language" – produce more code in less time.

Following tutorial gives for Java Beginners an easy entrance to Java.

1. Java Features – Buzz Words
2. Primitive Data Types
3. Data Types Default Values – No Garbage
4. OOPS concepts – introduction
5. Java Naming Conventions – Readability
6. Basic Class Structure, Compilation and Execution
7. Using Local and Instance Variables
8. Three Great Principles – Data Binding, Data Hiding, Encapsulation
9. Using Variables from Methods

Even though, the above topics give you an easy approach to learn, I advice you to take help of your friend knowing Java; the learning goes faster (even you have good programming skills in other languages).

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