Instantiate Java

Instantiate Java

In Java, object creation is known as instantiation because an instance of a class is object.

    Let us explain more through Instantiate Java.

In the above code, d1 is known as object of Demo class. Other way, we can say, d1 object is instantiated. In my own way, I can say, d1 is pointer to the whole class. With d1, we access the constructor and we can call variables and methods. No object like d1, the whole class like Demo is waste.

See the following program on Instantiate Java.

Instantiate Java
Output screenshot on Instantiate Java

In the above code, with object d1, constructor, method and variable are called. Think, without object d1, is it possible to call all these? No, not possible.

More on object creation, the purpose of new keyword, what is Demo() is called, anonymous objects and reference variables are discussed in the following posting of this same Web site.

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2 thoughts on “Instantiate Java

  1. Hareesh

    Hi Sir,
    class Demo
    int mathMarks = 75; //initialized instance variable
    public void Demo() //constructor
    System.out.println(“From constructor”);
    public void display() //method
    System.out.println(“From method”);
    public static void main(String ar[]) //main method
    Demo d = new Demo(); // here, constructor is automatically called
    System.out.println(“marks in Maths:”+d.mathMarks); // calling variable with object
    d.display(); // calling method with object

    Process started >>>
    marks in Maths:75
    From method
    <<< Process finished. (Exit code 0)

    In my output constructor is not called. please check my code. i written this program in Notepad++ (

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