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  1. Basic Examples
    1. What are the prerequisites to learn JSP?
    2. What is JSP (Java Server Page)?
    3. 15 advantages of JSP over Servlets
    4. What is JSP engine or what is JSP container?
    5. How JSP works or What is JSP Architecture?
    6. 6 Steps of JSP in Tomcat Execution
    7. Simple JSP Example
    8. First JSP Example User Name and Password Login Validation
    9. JSP List of 9 Implicit objects and Scope
    10. JSP List of 4 Implicit Methods
    11. What is Scriptlet with Example Login Form?
    12. What is Expression in JSP with Example?
    13. What is Declaration in JSP with Example?
    14. What are JSP Scriptlet, Expression and Declaration Example?
    15. Using Java Methods in JSP
  2. JSP Comments
    1. Understanding JSP Comments – 3 Styles
  3. JSP Implicit Objects and Examples
    1. List of 9 Implicit objects
    2. Using JSP implicit object config Example
    3. Using implicit object application in JSP with Example
    4. Using implicit object out in JSP Example
    5. Using implicit object session JSP Example
    6. Using implicit object request JSP Example
    7. Using implicit object response JSP Example
    8. JSP sendRedirect Example
    9. Using implicit object exception JSP Example
  4. Page Directive Attributes and Examples
    1. JSP Directives Tutorial
    2. JSP Page Directive Tutorial – 14 Attributes and Examples
    3. JSP page import directive Example
    4. JSP page contentType directive set to text/plain Example
    5. JSP Exception Handling – errorPage, isErrorPage, exception
    6. JSP page pageEncoding directive Example
    7. JSP page directive buffer Example
    8. JSP page directive autoFlush Example
    9. JSP page directive info attribute Example
    10. How to use page session attribute in JSP?
    11. page directive isThreadSafe attribute in JSP with Example
    12. JSP page directive language attribute with Example
    13. JSP page directive extends attribute with Example
    14. JSP page directive isELIgnored attribute with Example
  5. Include and Forward Actions
    1. JSP include directive with Example and Screenshots
    2. JSP Standard Action tags – 10 List – Examples Screenshots
    3. JSP include action Example
    4. JSP include action with Parameter passing Example
    5. JSP forward Action jsp:forward with Example, Screenshot
    6. JSP forward action with Parameters Example
  6. JSP with JavaBeans
    1. JavaBean in JSP – Client, JSP, JavaBean Example
  7. Differences
    1. 11 Differences between JSP include directive and include action
    2. 10 differences between include action and forward action in JSP
    3. Difference between JSP forward and redirect Table
  8. Miscellaneous
    1. JSP Handling Client Request Form Data – 3 Ways
    2. JSP Cookie Handling – Add Cookie, Get Cookie, Cookie Value

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