language JSP page directive with Example

language JSP page directive with Example

language JSP is one of the 14 attributes, JSP supports.

This attribute tells the container which language is being used to write the JSP page. Programmer declares the language with this attribute.

language JSP Syntax:

<%@ page language="java" %>

The default language is Java and for this reason Programmer never writes this attribute. In future, if the designers would like to give support for other language, then language attribute comes into usage. As on today, no other language is supported by JSP (I don’t expect JSP supports other than Java in future).

Note: language="java" is case-sensitive.

14 Page directive Attributes and Examples

  1. import
  2. contentType
  3. errorPage, isErrorPage, exception
  4. pageEncoding
  5. buffer
  6. autoFlush
  7. info
  8. session
  9. isThreadSafe
  10. language
  11. extends
  12. isELIgnored

With all the 9 implicit objects, 4 implicit methods, 3 directives with their attributes and linking with JavaBeans you accept that writing server side code with JSP is very much easier than writing with Servlets. JSP occupies less code than Servlets and code productivity increases.

Some Programmers are assuming Ruby on Rails and Grails for Groovy (then, JSP container will change) also worth to get supported. This is only assumption and not sure.

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