What is JSP (Java Server Page)?

What is JSP?
  1. What is JSP ? stands for "Java Server Pages" and is a server-side Java Web technology to communicate between a Web client and Web server. It was released to the market in 1999 by Sun Microsystems (now purchased by Oracle Corp.).
  2. JSP is most powerful and easy to use technology for Web-site development.
  3. JSP is a Java technology used to develop dynamically generated Web pages using mostly HTML, XML etc.
  4. JSP (uses Java) is similar to ASP (uses scripting languages like VBScript or JScript) and PHP.
  5. JSP is platform-independent as it is written in Java and is used for developing Web based applications. In Web based applications, client and server connect to Internet (Web) or Internet is the interface (communication point) between client and server.
  6. JSP can make use of entire family of Java Technologies like JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), JMS (Java Messaging Service) and EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) etc.
  7. JSP is a file with extension .jsp
  8. JSP is an extension for Servlets.
  9. A JSP page is text document containing static data (which never changes like company information) developed using HTML, XML etc. and dynamic content (which changes with each request of the client) developed using JSP elements.
  10. One JSP file can be included in another for better reusability.
  11. JSP is the answer for Java platform’s integrated solution for Web communication and was introduced as a replacement to ASP of Microsoft and CGI/PERL.
  12. JSP integrated with JavaBeans gives the most productive environment where reusability is maximum.
  13. With JSP, interactive (between Web client and Web server) dynamic Web-site can be created.
  14. Now-a-days, in major Web sites like Delta Air Lines and CNN, JSP is much used.
  15. JSP is preferred much in IBM product line integrated through WebSphere. WebSphere is an IBM product like Tomcat and Weblogic servers.
  16. JSP is a higher-level way (with much abstraction) of writing Servlets.
  17. JSP are interoperable with Servlets (data can be exchanged).
  18. Used much in MVC architecture where JSP represent a View page (and Servlet as a Controller).

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