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Advise for a fresher
Thread concepts in any language are a little difficult to understand and is due to lack of good explanation to the student. I see no text book or site giving easy understanding. I think I have fulfilled this. Please pass your comment to improve the postings.

Follow the same order of reading, else you will land in a forest with no guidance.

  1. Multithreading – Concepts
  2. Java Thread Basics
  3. Create threads in Java by Extending Thread class
  4. Create threads by implementing Runnable interface
  5. Create and Start thread with start()
  6. Creating and Spawning Threads
  7. Heavyweight and Lightweight Threads
  8. Java thread join() Example
  9. Thread Priorities
  10. Life cycle of Thread
  11. Suspending and Resuming a Thread
  12. Miscellaneous Thread Methods
  13. Synchronization and Deadlock
  14. ThreadGroup – Grouping of threads
  15. Thread Cancellation and Starvation
  16. Java Thread Scheduler
  17. How to create multiple threads as Heavyweight Process in Java?
  18. Create Array of Threads with Example
  19. What is yield in Java threads and how it differs from sleep?
  20. join() method with Example and Explanation
  21. What is isAlive() in Java with Example?
  22. What is difference between Process and Thread and Program?
  23. Difference between thread start() and run() in Java
  24. How to create a deamon thread in Java?
  25. Time bound Thread inactivation

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  1. Lochan kumar khuntia

    Dear sir,
    I have a question that is asked in a job interview is
    “What is consumer and producer problem in java using synchronized and how to solve it?”
    Kindly replay

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