View All Exceptions

Advise for freshers

A learner should be thorough with the exceptions as no code is left without the usage of exceptions.

Follow the same order of reading to have easy go.

  1. Exceptions – Meaning
  2. Runtime Error – Groups – Exception causes
  3. Exception Handling : try – catch
  4. try – catch – finally
  5. Hierarchy of Exceptions – Checked/Unchecked Exceptions
  6. Throwing with "throws" – Alternative to try-catch
  7. Creating User-defined Exceptions – throw Keyword
  8. getMessage() & printStackTrace()
  9. Rules of Exceptions in Multiple Catch Blocks
  10. Rules of Exceptions in Method Overriding
  11. Try – Finally (without Catch)
  12. Difference between throws and throw
  13. Exception chaining

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  1. can you make me clear about checked and unchecked exceptions….? considering i only know exception occurs at runtime…….?

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