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Advise for Freshers

Forget the laborious coding for string manipulations in C/C++. It is made easier in Java with the introduction of String and StringBuffer classes.

I feel better if you follow the same order of reading, as is in the following links, to have easy go.

    A) String Programs

  1. Introduction – Immutable Nature – Comparison
  2. Finding matching characters
  3. Extracting Part of a String
  4. String Contains
  5. Concatenation – Conversion
  6. String – uppercase, lowercase, replacing
  7. Region Matches – Interning – Splitting
  8. Converting Data types into Strings
  9. Java String Array
  10. String replaceAll
  11. Java String Split – JDK 1.4 Introduction
    B) StringBuffer Programs

  1. StringBuffer – Length and Capacity
  2. Searching, Appending and Inserting
  3. Deleting, Replacing, Palindrome
  4. Petty Methods and Pass-By-Reference
  5. contentEquals Java
    C) Logical Programming – Increases coding skills.

  1. String to char array and byte Array
  2. Static Final String
  3. StringBuffer to String
  4. How many ways a string object can be created?
  5. Java String Capitalize
  6. Java Array to String
  7. Java String to Array
  8. Char Array to String
  9. toString Java
  10. Java String Tokenization
  11. Char array and Byte array to String
  12. Java String Reverse
  13. String Substring Contains
  14. String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder

String and data type conversions

String TO byte short int long float double char boolean
byte short int long float double char boolean TO String

6 thoughts on “View All String”

  1. hello sir,
    hope you doing well…

    String str = “yyy”;
    String str1 = “y” “y” “y”;

    the output of both is “yyy”
    But when I am comparing them ( str == str1 ) , result is showing they are not equal.
    what’s the reason ?

  2. Hi,

    I have created a string object as follows:
    String s=new (“java”);
    As 2 objects are created with the above stmt. one is in string literal pool and another is in heap area and heap area string object is refer to s.
    i.e s———> java (heap area object)

    My requirement is i want change the reference vaiable s would point to string object which is in string literal pool. i.e

    s —————> java ( string literal pool).

    Please let me know How can i refer to the string object of string literal pool ?

    Thanks & Regard

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