String Constructors Java

String Constructors Java

In Java, a String object can be created a number of ways. The most frequently used styles are shown here using 9 types of String constructors (including StringBuffer and StringBuilder) defined java.lang.String API.

The 9 constructors are

1. public java.lang.String();
2. public java.lang.String(java.lang.String);
3. public java.lang.String(char[]);
4. public java.lang.String(char[], int startIndex, int numChars);
5. public java.lang.String(int[], int, int);
6. public java.lang.String(byte[]);
7. public java.lang.String(byte[], int startIndex, int numInts);
8. public java.lang.String(java.lang.StringBuffer);
9. public java.lang.String(java.lang.StringBuilder);

The following is the example code using the above 9 string constructors

String Constructors Java
Output screen on String Constructors Java

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  1. vijaylaksshmi

    when array element of object is intialized at the time declaration without using new operator,
    is the object considered as reference variable or object.

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