One stop destination for all String and StringBuffer

Your one stop destintation for String and StringBuffer operations.

1. String Nature: String are immutable.,

2. String Operations: finding matching characters, substring, concatenation & date types conversion to string, uppercase lowercase replacing, Region Matches – Interning – Splitting.

3. StringBuffer Operations: Length and Capacity, Searching Appending and Inserting, Deleting Replacing and Palindrome, Petty Methods and Pass-By-Reference.

4. Comparing String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder.
5. Converting Data types into Strings.

6. Converting byte, short, int, long, float, double, char and boolean to String.

7. Converting string characters into a char array and byte array
8. Advantages of declaring a stirng as Static and Final
9. Java String Capitalize
10. Java String replaceAll
11. Parsing Java
12. Comparing Strings in Java
13. String Substring Contains
14. Java String Length
15. Java String Reverse
16. Char array and Byte array to String
17. Java String Array
18. String Contains
19. Java String Split(of JDK 1.4)
20. Java String Constructors
21. StringBuffer to String
22. Static Final String
23. String Array & Object String Array
24. Static String & Static String Array
25. Char & Byte array to String

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  1. can u let me know the difference between the following two methods

    public static String valueOf(Object obj)

    public String toString()

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