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Let us see the procedure of downloading and installing Java software, JDK, step-by-step. To compile a Java program and to execute a Java program, the software required is JDK (Java Development Kit). It is developed by Sun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle) and the latest version is JDK 1.7. JDK 1.8 is planned to release by the last quarter of 2013. Now let us learn JDK Download Install.

Java is a freely downloadable software and can be downloaded from the following links.



Else, give a google search command for "java download". You get a lot of links and choose the best one that suits you. Check your OS is 32-bit or 64-bit and download accordingly. Following installation procedure is given for JDK 1.7, the latest version of Java as on today, on Windows XP – 32 bit OS.

Step 1: When downloaded, you will get an icon as follows.


Step 2: Double click on the above icon and you will get the following wizard.

It is Open File-Security Warning; Just click over Run button.

JDK Download Install

The software gets started to load.

JDK Download Install

Step 3: You get Setup wizard.

JDK Download Install

Click over Next button.

Step 4: You get Custom Setup wizard.

JDK Download Install

The wizard loads the software in C:\Program Files\….. and if you need to change the directory, click over Change button or if you accept the default one, just click over Next button.

Step 5: You get software loaded with a Progress wizard. It takes some time showing different status messages.

JDK Download Install

Step 6: Now you get Complete Wizard indicating the installation is completed.


Just click over Close button. Now the installation is complete.

Step 7: Setting the path in Environment Variable. Setting path is nothing but giving the address of bin folder of JDK installation to OS.

A) Right click on My Computer icon on desktop. Select Properties option from the Popup menu.


B) You get System Properties wizard.

JDK Download Install

Select the tab Advanced. You get the following wizard.


C) Click over the button Environment Variables. You get the following wizard.


D) Observe, in the above User variables for Administrator, path variable does not exist. Let us create one. Click over New button in User Variables. You get as follows.


Fill up as follows:

Variable name : path
Variable value: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_40\bin

Check the variable value on your system. It will change as per the version you load. Wrong setting leads to no compilation of Java program.

When filled the above wizard appears as follows.


Click over OK button.

E) When clicked OK button in the above wizard, you can see the path variable in the following Environment Variables wizard.


Click OK button.

F) When clicked OK button in the above wizard, you get the following wizard of System Variables.


Click over OK button. Now the path is set.

Step 6: To check, the installation is successful or not

Open a fresh DOS prompt and give the command Java –version as follows.


If you get the above screen, think that your installation is successful. To be sure, just type javac at the DOS prompt and say Enter, you get some options and then again type java and say Enter, you get some options. Now it is 100% you have installed, now type Java program, compile and run.

To learn Java step-by-step, read Java Learning.

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