Java Comparisons

The following links give differences on many topics of Java.

1. Byte streams vs Character streams
2. Print stream vs PrintWriter
3. Shallow copying, Deep copying and Cloning.
4. StringTokenizer vs StreamTokenizer
5. Observer vs Observable

Timer vs TimerTask
7. static vs non-static
8. Enumeration vs Iterator
9. Iterator vs ListIterator
10. Vector vs ArrayList
11. Array vs ArrayList
12. vs System.out
13. skip vs seek
14. final vs finally vs finalize
15. StringWriter vs StringBuilder
16. for vs foreach
17. Hashtable vs HashMap
18. Set vs HashSet
19. Extends vs Implements
20. Hashcode vs Equals
21. Applets Vs Applications
22. PrintStream vs PrintWriter
23. StringWriter vs StringBuilder
24. Map vs HashMap
25. HashMap vs TreeMap
26. Comparable vs Comparator
27. int vs Integer
28. Abstract class vs Interface
29. Java Class vs Interface
30. Aggregation vs Composition
31. HashSet vs HashMap
32. HashSet vs TreeSet
33. Encapsulation vs Abstraction

33. Overloading vs Overriding
34. Constructor and Method
35. String vs StringBuffer vs StringBuilder
36. TextField vs TextArea
37. AWT vs Swing
38. Access Specifier vs Access Modifier in Java
39. Equals vs contentEquals
40. ArrayList Vs LinkedList
41. Statement vs PreparedStatement vs CallableStatement
42. JDBC vs Hibernate
43. Hibernate get() vs load()
44. Hibernate list() vs iterate()
45. Hibernate Table per class vs Table per subclass vs Table per concreteclass
46. 2-tier Architecture vs 3-tier Architecture
47. Hibernate get() vs load()
48. Hibernate Eager Initialization vs Lazy Initialization
49. Servlets getRequestURL() vs getRequestURI()
50. Servlets getRemoteAddr() vs getRemoteHost()
51. Servlets getProtocol() vs getScheme()
52. Servlets init-param vs context-param
53. Servlets GET vs POST
54. Servlets include vs forward
55. Servlets forward vs sendRedirect
56. ServletRequest.getRequestDispatcher vs ServletContext.getRequestDispatcher
57. ServletOutptuStream Vs PrintWriter
59. super vs super()
60. this vs this()
61. this vs super
62. super vs final
63. static vs final
64. const vs final
65. Keyword vs Reserved word
66. Abstract class vs Final class
67. length vs length() vs size()
68. instance and instanceof
69. Static binding vs Dynamic binding
70. Static Polymorphism vs Dynamic Polymorphism
71. getMessage() vs printStackTrace()

72. Difference MouseListener and MouseAdapter
73. Difference MouseMotionListener and MouseMotionAdapter
74. Difference WindowListener and WindowAdapter
75. Difference between Listener and Adapter
76. Difference MouseListener and MouseMotionListener
77., System.out and System.err
78. Difference between JAR, WAR, EAR
79. Difference between throws, throw Keywords
80. Difference between Identifier and Keyword

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