Removing Duplicates Array Java

Removing Duplicates Array Java Summary: Java is so developed by Designers to write code easily for Developers. Forget the laborious days of C/C++ coding. This tutorial "Removing Duplicates Array Java" is the place to prove it. It is a general and interesting code for beginners and this can be achieved in many ways in Java. …

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Data Structures JDK 1.5 Features

Data Structures JDK 1.5 Features Summary: This tutorial "Data Structures JDK 1.5 Features", narrates the new features added to DS with JDK 1.5 JDK 1.5 brought many changes in data structures. It not only added a new DS Queue but also added extra features to the existing collections framework. Evolution of DS with JDK Versions …

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Collections Hierarchy Java

After knowing the meaning and purpose of Collections framework, let us know the basic interfaces, derived classes and their properties. Java data structures are nothing but subclasses of Collection and Map interfaces. Following hierarchy gives all the interfaces of Collections framework. Fig: Basic interfaces of collections framework Map and SortedMap form a separate hierarchy and …

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