Collection Framework in Java

Collection Framework in Java,The Java collections framework (JCF) is a set of classes and interfaces that implement commonly reusable collection data structures.

Removing Duplicates Array Java

Removing Duplicates Array Java Summary: Java is so developed by Designers to write code easily for Developers. Forget the laborious days of C/C++ coding. This tutorial "Removing Duplicates Array Java" is the place to prove it. It is a general and interesting code for beginners and this can be achieved in many ways in Java. …

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Java Made Simple: What is Vector Java with Example?

Sometimes, a data structure is preferred rather than an array in that data structure is growable and accepts dissimilar elements. Being growable dynamically, Vector is preferred when the number of elements to be added are not known earlier in advance or required to change the number of elements (modify the size). Vector is the generally …

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Collections Comparisons

You must be very strong in Java DS to write comparisons between various Collection classes. This tutorial gives you possible Java DS comparisons. Enumeration vs Iterator Iterator vs ListIterator Vector vs ArrayList Array vs ArrayList for vs foreach Hashtable vs HashMap Set vs HashSet Map vs HashMap HashMap vs TreeMap Comparable vs Comparator HashSet vs …

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ArrayList vs LinkedList

There comes two classes ArrayList and LinkedList to store objects. Internally, ArrayList stores elements as an array form and LinkedList stores elements in node form. Due to their internal style of storing the elements, they come with different performance heads depending the nature of action performed like addition and retrieval. Programs are available at ArrayList …

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List Extract Common Elements Java

It may be required sometimes to extract the common elements of two lists in Java. Given in simple terms in this tutorial List Extract Common Elements Java. Following code on List Extract Common Elements Java illustrates. import java.util.*; public class CommonElements { public static void main(String args[]) { ArrayList al1 = new ArrayList(); ArrayList al2 …

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