Mouse Right Click Example Java

Mouse Right Click Example Java

This Java code on Mouse Right Click Example explains how to handle the right clicks of mouse key.

Mouse Right Click Example

Mouse Right Click ExampleOutput screen on Mouse Right Click Example

Other way of event handling is:

System.out.println(“You right clicked on the button”);

The static constant modifier MouseEvent.BUTTON3_MASK or the method isMetaDown() of MouseEvent differentiates the right clicks.

btn.addMouseListener(new MyListener());

Instead of button btn, it can be any GUI component like Checkbox etc. Just register the MouseListener or MouseAdapter to a GUI component you would like.

We extended MouseAdapter to override only one method mouseClicked (MouseEvent e) and if MosueListener is implemented, it is required to override all the five methods.

Also learn the handling of double and triple clicks of mouse key.

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