All AWT Components – At a Glance

AWT includes many components where a novice confuses a lot. For him, it is like in a deep forest without compass. To have all components at a single place and to focus on special programs, this topic is meant.

Check out All AWT Components – At a Glance

  1. Frame Closing – 4 Styles
    Using WindowListener Using WindowAdapter
    Using Component Using Anonymous inner class
  2. AWT Components with Frame
    Component hierarchy Button – 8 Steps GUI Changing button label
    Visible invisible button Enable disable button Label alignment
    TextField – User name password TextField properties Checkbox
    Radio buttons Choice List
    TextArea Scrollbar Menus
    Canvas Dialog box File Dialog
  3. AWT Components with Applets: Button applet, Radio buttons, Choice,
  4. AWT Containers: Containers, Panels, Nested panels,
  5. AWT Layout Managers: Layout classes, FlowLayout, BorderLayout, GridLayout, No layout manager(setBounds()),
  6. AWT Supporting classes: Font, Color, Toolkit, FontMetrics,
  7. Special Programs: Minimum component size, Insets, No layout manager,
  8. Semantics of Event Handling: Listeners, Adapters, Delegation event model.
  9. Placing your company logo on frame: Replacing coffee cup with other on frame.
  10. Borderless Frame and Packing components: Create a frame without border.
  11. Smiley Face and Nested Panels: Place panels within panels & smiley face.
  12. Java AWT HeadlessException: A strange unchecked exception HeadlessException
  13. Importing two packages: Importing java.awt.event when java.awt is already imported.
  14. Changing Frame background: Java Random color generation.
  15. Placing the frame at desired location: Frame Position.

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Note: User's selection, messages or component information etc. can be displayed in a number of ways as follows.

  1. Using Label illustrated in "Java AWT Radio Buttons – Applet GUI".
  2. With TextField as in "Java TextField – User Name Password Validation" and "Java AWT Choice – Replacement to Radio Buttons".
  3. In TextArea as in "Java AWT Menu".
  4. With drawString() method as in "Java AWT List – Multiple & Single Selection".
  5. At DOS prompt illustrated in "Java AWT Label".

To add more features to AWT componenets
Advanced AWT (Swing Components)

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