Java Method Example

Java Method Example

A method in Java, like a function in C/C++ (in fact, a function of C/C++ is called a methods in Java), embeds a few statements. A method is delimited (separated) from the remaining part of the code by a pair braces. Method increases reusability. When the method is called number of times, all the statements are executed repeatedly. Java comes with static methods, final methods and abstract methods. All the three varies in their functionalities. This "Java Method Example" tutorial gives with normal methods. Other methods you can refer this site later.
Java Method Example

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Three methods are given with different variations and called from main() method. To call a method, an object is required. An object d1 of Demo class is created and called all the methods.

1. How to write methods, how to call variables from methods is discussed with good notes in Using Variables from Methods.
2. More in depth study is available at Using Methods and Method Overloading .

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