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How to increase Java speed of execution (Performance)?

Java speed: Any software product developed should have three features. 1. Should execute on less RAM 2. Should have high performance 3. Should be user friendly Java speed or Performance of a program execution is very important, especially in OLTP (OnLine Transaction Processing) operations. In OLTP, the customer will be waiting across the counter before …

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Java Performance Tips 1

1. Introduction 2. When to think of Performance 3. JVM’s and JIT Compilers 4. Default constructors 5. Constructor Hierarchies 6. Instance variables Vs Class(static) variables 7. Recycling Objects 8. Methods 8.1 Inlining Methods 8.2 Final Methods 9. Thread Synchronization 10. Inner classes 11. String and StringBuffer 11.1 Accumulating data Using char[] Arrays 11.2 Using = …

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JDBC Performance Tuning

1.0 Introduction 1.1 Connection Pooling 2.0 Auto-Commit 3.0 Closing JDBC objects 4.0 Optimization with Statement 4.1 Choose right Statement interface 4.2 Do batch update 4.3 Do batch retrieval using Statement 4.4 Close Statement when finished 5.0 Optimization with ResultSet 5.1 Do batch retrieval using ResultSet 5.2 Setup proper direction of processing rows 5.3 Use proper …

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