How to increase Java speed of execution (Performance)?

Java speed: Any software product developed should have three features.

1. Should execute on less RAM
2. Should have high performance
3. Should be user friendly

Java speed or Performance of a program execution is very important, especially in OLTP (OnLine Transaction Processing) operations. In OLTP, the customer will be waiting across the counter before you for response. He must be served immediately, else the customer becomes impatient. The benchmark in OLTP operations is generally 3 seconds. Examples are a) an account holder waiting to know his balance in a bank b) a customer waiting for a receipt in a petrol bunk c) a customer waiting for a bill in a super market etc.

Designers give good importance to performance in Java designing in Core Java, JDBC, Servlets, JSP etc.

There are four posting in on Java speed.

1. Core Java Performance Tuning – 1
2. Java Performance Tuning – 2
3. Drawbacks in file copying and how to increase performance.
4. JDBC Performance Tuning
5. Servlets and JSP Performance Tuning

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