Java Clear Concepts: 10 Servlets Advantages over ASP

I. Servlets Advantages over ASP are tabulated.

Feature Servlet ASP
Platform-independent Servelts are platform-independent being written in Java. Works on Windows, a Microsoft product, only.
Java Benefits Servlets are written in Java and can take advantage of OOPs, robustness and most important garbage collection in code development. Written in VBScript (or JScript), a Microsoft product, only.
Performance Because Servlets are compiled earlier before execution, they are of high-performance. Because VBScript is intrepreted on client request on-the-fly, ASP comparatively of less performance.
System crash Servlets (JVM) never crash the host system. ASP on Windows NT 4.0 (when a kernel-mode driver fails) can crash entire system.
Easier Maintenance and scaling As Java is structured, it is much easier to maintain and build large-sized applications and can be scalable along with other J2EE modules. As ASP is written in a scripting language, difficult to manage complex and big applications and less scalable. ASP is good for smaller applications.
J2EE advantage Servlets can take advantage of JMS, transaction management, resource pooling, JNDI, ORM support (like Hibernate) and MVC implementation etc. ASP cannot enjoy all these built-in features of Servlets.
Data persistence Servlets can have access to persistent data through JavaBean components. ASP have no data persistence across pages.
Virus attack Many Web servers, where Servlets are working, are on UNIX and thereby they are very secure ASP works on Windows and Windows can get attacked easily with virus from Internet.
Communicty and tool support As Servlets are developed through Java Community Process, Servlets can be run on different Web servers like Tomcat (free software) or Weblogic or JBOSS etc., where the client can be choosy. Works on IIS (Internet Information Server) server, a Microsoft product, only.

II. Disadvantages

Java (being object-oriented) has high-learning curve than ASP (being object-based).

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