Networking Interview Questions

  1. What is Socket? (of Networking Interview Questions)
    Socket is the end-point of communication for a system. A Socket constructor comes with two parameters of IP address of the other system where the communication should go and the port number on which the service is available on the server required by the client.
  2. What is ServerSocket? (of Networking Interview Questions)
    As the name indicates, the ServerSocket works on server-side and its job is to bind the connection on the specific port number requested by the client.
  3. What is URL class?
    An URL represents the host name or address along with the protocol.
  4. What is URLConnection class? (of Networking Interview Questions)
    URLConnection object operates on the communication link established by the URL (client) with an application running on the server. The address of the resource on the server is referred by the URL on the client-side.
  5. What is InetAddress class? (of Networking Interview Questions)
    Used to convert numeric IP addresses (URLs) to host names (URNs) and vice versa.
  6. What is a Protocol? (of Networking Interview Questions)
    Protocol is a set of rules to be followed while communicating with systems in network. Depending on the task, different protocols are available. For example, to upload e-mails use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and for downloading e-mails use POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) etc.

Network (Socket) Programs : Java Networking in a Nutshell.

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