replace() String Example

java.lang.String class comes with replace() String method to replace existing characters in a sting with new characters.

The signature of replace() String as given in Java API.

  • public String replace(char oldChar, char newChar): Returns a new string after replacing characters. All the occurrences of oldChar in the string are replaced by newChar.

In the following example, each occurrence of A in str1 is replaced by K and a new string is returned. Original string str1 is not disturbed.

public class StringMethodDemo
 public static void main(String args[])
  String str1 = "ABCAEFGAIJK";

  String str2 = str1.replace('A', 'K');

  System.out.println("Original string before replacement: " + str1);
  System.out.println("New string after replacing each A with K: " + str2); 

replace() String
Output screen on replace() String Example

Also refer for a similar method replaceFirst().

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