Why Java does not support operator overloading?

Java does not support operator overloading: Java is relatively a very simple language to use compared C/C++ with the non-support of complex and confusing features like pointers, multiple inheritance and operator overloading. These features are rarely used in practice and at the same time poorly understood by the language beginners.

Every operator has a good meaning with its arithmetic operation it performs. Operator overloading allows you to do something extra than what for it is expected for. You see + (plus) in some arithmetic operation doing – (minus) operation. With the avoidance of operator overloading, + operator anywhere works for addition only, thus programmer need not think of – (minus) or some other operation. This non-support gives programmer the avoidance programming errors and also a simple, cleaner and neat code.

There is one more real advantage of Java does not support operator overloading. It becomes easy for the tool developers to develop a processing tool like JVM or an IDE tool to process the language. A simpler JVM increases the performance also.

It is a wise decision and contribution of Designers not to support overloading to lead to a greater simplification of code. Designers did not provide any handles to overload the operator if thought by the programmer.

It is a good design move, the Java designers adapted. Java also proved that a language can exist happily without the support of operator overloading.

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