What is a class in Java?

What is a class in Java? A simple question to answer. Class is a basic unit of Java programming. A class in Java is a structure which contains programming constructs. Programming constructs are small pieces of code with which a program is built; like bricks, cement and sand are constructs to construct a building. The programming constructs are mainly constructors, methods and variables. So finally, to say, a class is made up of or embeds constructors, methods and variables, all doing a predefined task.

To access these constructs, we require a handle which points (refer) all these. This handle is known as object. So, it is necessary to create an object of the class to access these constructs. A class gives a boundary for the whole code. Java demands you to write any amount of code within its boundaries delimited by two braces like { and }.

Following gives a specimen of a class with a constructor, a method and some variables. An example for What is a class in Java?
class Employee
{                                     // starting brace of the class (delimiter)
  int id;                             // variables
  String name;                        // three are given here
  double salary;

  Employee()                          // a constructor
    System.out.println("\nFrom Constructor");                     // some code here that assigns values to the above 3 variables

  void calculate(int radius)          // a method
    System.out.println("Circle Area: " + Math.PI*radius*radius);  // some code here to calculate the total salary of an employee
  public static void main(String args[])
    Employee emp1 = new Employee();   // create an object; it calls constructor implicitly
    emp1.calculate(20);               // call the method with object

    emp1.id = 1234;                   // now assign values to instance variables
    emp1.name = "Srinivas";
    emp1.salary = 9876.54;
    System.out.println("Employee ID: " + emp1.id + " Employee Name: " + emp1.name + " Employee Salary Rs." + emp1.salary); 
}                                     // closing brace of the class (delimiter)

What is a class in Java?Output Screenshot on What is a class in Java?

Employee emp1 = new Employee();

This is the style of creating Java object; on both sides class name Employee will be there. Object is emp1 and it is a handle to access constructor, methods and variables in the class. Observe, all the code is written within the braces of the class declaration.

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