Java Programming Examples

When you start learning a new language, you fear a lot thinking how much trouble to face and concentration is required, as this is the impression left by C/C++ while you learnt. Remember one thing, Java Designers always aim only two things while developing the language – how to make language simple to learn and practice and how to increase the performance. You believe this when you start learning Java, of course, from a good lecturer.

Following links give you an easy understanding of coding in Java. The examples are precise, easy and answer to the point.

1. OOPS concepts – introduction
2. Basic Class Structure, Compilation and Execution
3. Using Local and Instance Variables
4. Three Great Principles – Data Binding, Data Hiding, Encapsulation
5. Using Variables from Methods

Once you are acquainted with the above coding, go through further in this same website – step-by-step.

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