Java Marker interfaces

Following table gives all the list of Java Marker interfaces.
Maker interface name Functionality
1. the object is serialized
2. java.lang.Cloneable the object is cloned
3. javax.servlet.SingleThreadModel only one object of the servlet for one request is created
4. javax.ejb.EnterpriseBean the object can participate in transactions
5. java.util.RandomAccess the elements of the data structure can be randomly retrieved fast (introduced in jdk1.5)
6. java.rmi.Remote the object can invoke the methods on a remote machine
7. java.util.EventListener All event listeners extend this interface

Java Marker interfaces and its purpose is discussed in What is marker interface?.
A program on Cloneable is available at Cloning – Duplicating an Object.
A program on Serializable is available at Java Serialization Example.

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