Java Arrays class

Java Arrays class: Here comes a confusion for a new Java learner with array, arrays and Arrays. He uses all interchangeably, meaning the same. He uses anyone just to refer arrays of Java. He thinks array and arrays are singular and plural. Of course, he is right. Problem comes once he knows there is a class in Java called Arrays. If you say arrays, I mean you are talking general arrays and if you say Arrays, I mean your are referring class Arrays (from java.util package).

Note: There is no class in Java by name Array. One more for confusion to you: there is Collection (interface) and Collections (class) in Java.

Java Arrays class methods are used to manipulate array elements (like class Collections methods are used to manipulate collection classes (DS) elements).

1. For general arrays (in this Array class methods also given) refer: All Array Operations at a Glance

2. For Java Arrays class refer: class Arrays API Methods with examples

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