Java IO Special Programs

1. To find number of lines in a file

2. Adding line numbers to a file – LineNumberInputStream, LineNumberReader

3. PrintStream vs PrintWriter

4. Byte streams vs Character streams

5. Byte streams and Character streams – file coying using FileReader and FileWriter

6. Pushing out Character – PushbackReader

7. Piping data between two streams – PipedInputStream and PipedOutputStream, PipedReader and PipedWriter

8. Changing file properties – File class

9. Retrieving metadata of a file – File class

10. Formatting Data – PrintWriter

11. Chaining or linking of streams

12. Closeable and Flushable interfaces

13. PrintStream

14. Tokeinizing a stream – StreamTokenizer

15. Checking for tokens in file reading – using Scanner

16. System.out.println

Java IO at a Glance

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