boolean to long Java

The data type boolean is incompatible for converting into any other data type. That is, a boolean value cannot be converted into any other data type like char, int, double etc. The maximum permitted is one boolean can be assigned to another boolean. That is now, boolean to long is not possible.

Following are not permitted.

       boolean b = true;
       long x = b;                 // error, boolean to long

       long x = 10;
       boolean b = x;              // error, long to boolean

       boolean b = true;
       char ch = b;                // error, boolean to char

       char ch = 'A';
       boolean b =ch;              // error, char to boolean

Following is permitted (boolean assignment).

       boolean b = true;
       boolean b1 = b;             // permitted
       System.out.println(b1);     // prints true

The keyword boolean is used in comparison operations.

       int x = 10;
       int y = 20; 
       boolean b = (x == y);
       System.out.println(b);      // prints false
Let us write a simple example to see the compiler error message when boolean to long is casted.
public class Conversions
  public static void main(String args[])
    boolean b1 = true;
    long l1 = b1;     // error

boolean to long
Error message when boolean to long casted

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