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    A) General Programs

  1. Retrieve Records – Know the ResultSet cursor movement

B) JDBC 2.0 API Programs

  1. JDBC 2.0 New Features
  2. Batch Updates
  3. Scrollable ResultSet
  4. ResultSet Types and Concurrency
  5. Creating Scrollable ResultSet Example
  6. ResultSet Enhancement Update Methods
  7. ResultSet Update Record with Refresh Row

C) Miscellaneous Programs

  1. ResultSet Cursor Movement or how next() method executes? Available at Creating Scrollable ResultSet Example
  2. How to find number of rows in the ResultSet object?
  3. How to get number of columns in a table?
  4. How to get the name of column in a table?
  5. How to get column type of a column in a table?
  6. JDBC Performance Tuning

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  1. Hi Sir,

    I have got placed in MNC Bangalore.Now i need to work in Java Development. i am new to this can you please guide me which version of java , Oracle db and tomcat for Best Practice in web development.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi sir…
    Can you please help me how to interact with multiple tables having foreign key relationship by using jdbc and servlets?? I have searched in the net im unable to get it..can you please guide me…

    Thanks and regards

  3. I like all the java contents which you have
    explained with real life examples.
    thank you very much for that….
    Sir I request you to add servlets and jsp contents with real life examples

  4. Hello Sir,

    I want to fetch the employee details by entering the empname by the user.What is the query would be in the executeQuery() method.
    I have tried this but in resultSet object no record is there.
    The query is
    ResultSet rs=stmt.executeQuert(“select empno from emp where ename=”+ ” ‘scott’ “);

    The query executes fine.But resultset object is null.

    Please help me

    with regards

  5. Sir please can u tell exactly, what is “jdbc Api”…? where it is situated..? what exactly it is going to do…?

    1. API (Application Programming Interface) is a general term of Computers which refers to classes, in Java, packages and classes. JDBC API means the packages involved (or supplied) to develop a JDBC application. The JDBC API comes with almost JDK software itself. When you install JDK, you get automatically JDC API.

  6. sir the following link is might broken…. please give the content of following link

    …..SQL Function – CallableStatement

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