View All java.util

A) java.util Classes

  1. class Date
  2. class Calendar, TimeZone and Locale
  3. class GregorianCalendar
  4. class Random
  5. class StringTokenizer
  6. class Timer and class TimerTask
  7. class Observer and class Observable

B) General concepts needed for programming

  1. Generating Random Numbers
  2. Using SimpleDateFormat in Java?

C) Miscellaneous

  1. Java Deprecation
  2. Printing Current Date

    D) Conversions/Comparisons

  1. Convert Milliseconds to Date
  2. Dates Comparison
  3. String to Date
  4. Date to String
  5. String to Date
  6. Date to Calendar
  7. Date Calendar Conversions

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  1. Hi Java Guru,

    among date and calendar which one is best and which one mostly used by industry would please tell me… i am great fan of yours and learned a lot from your site. Sir all your posts are very very eye catching. Thank you very much.


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