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A) java.lang Classes

  1. Introduction – java.lang package
  2. class System
  3. class Math
  4. class Character
  5. Root class – class Object
  6. Java Integer
  7. class String – Manipulations

B) General concepts needed for programming

  1. Garbage Collection – gc() and exit(0)
  2. Java Destructor – finalize()
  3. Object comparison – hashCode() & equals()
  4. instanceof Keyword
  5. JAR (Java ARchive) Files
  6. Object to String – toString()
  7. Casting Operations
  8. Java Object Casting Problems
  9. Parsing Operations
  10. int to Binary, Octal, Hexa Java
  11. Java newInstance
  12. Java Nested Classes
  13. Static Nested Classes
  14. Nested Interfaces
  15. Interface inside Interface
  16. Nested Interface within Class
  17. Class inside Interface

C) Miscellaneous Programs

  1. Inner classes
  2. Wrapper classes
  3. Java Object without new Keyword 5 Styles
  4. Copying an Object – Shallow Copying Vs. Deep Copying
  5. Cloning – Duplicating an Object – Marker Interface
  6. Number Formatting
  7. final finally finalize
  8. Reflection API
  9. Packages
  10. What is a class in Java?
  11. Classes and Objects in Java
  12. Java Escape Sequences
  13. Java New Line
  14. Current Time Millis Java
  15. System gc Java
  16. Java Exit
  17. Java Random Integer
  18. Java Syntax
  19. Comparing Strings in Java
  20. String Substring Contains
  21. Java String Reverse
  22. Object to String – toString()
  23. String to data type conversions – byte, short, int, long, float, double, char, boolean.
  24. Java getClass
  25. Getting Class Name in Java
  26. How many ways you can copy one object properties to another?
    D) Conversions

  1. I) Data type conversions
    byte TO short int long float double char boolean
    short TO byte int long float double char boolean
    int TO byte short long float double char boolean
    float TO byte short int long double char boolean
    double TO byte short int long float char boolean
    char TO byte short int long float double boolean
    boolean TO byte short int long float double char
  2. II) String and data type conversions
    String TO byte short int long float double char boolean
    byte short int long float double char boolean TO String
  3. E) Why not Java supports?

    1. Why Java does not support Pointers?
    2. Why Java does not support operator overloading?
    3. Why Java does not support Multiple Inheritance?
    4. Does Java support call-by-reference without pointers?

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  1. Hello Sir…!!

    I have a doubt regarding java’s most Striking Features…! That is Java is Most Secure Language…!! No buddy can see my source codes because of bytes code and all..

    so my question is : there is a feature in java named “Java Decompiler” as javap and also java metadata concepts is also there so with the help of this we can simply decompile our .class file and can see the source code and all the attributes of the class or program with the help of meta data concept or by doing Decompile using javap.

    So Sir don’t you think that it breaks the Security rule or Feature of java ?? because with the help of that anyone see my source code not exactly same but rough idea he/her will capture.

    and also want to know what is the role of Decompiler and when it will preferred to be used.

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