Interview Questions for Freshers

Interview Questions for Freshers

    OOPS Concepts

  1. What are local and global variables?
    A variable declared inside a method is known as “local variable” and its usage is limited within the

    method in which it declared only. A global variable (known as instance variable in Java) is declared

    outside of any method but wihtin the class. Its scope is for entire class; that is any method can use it.

  2. What is Object?
    An instance of a class is called object.
  3. What is a class?
    A class is structure which holds the code and delimites the code from other classes. A class demands

    the programmer to write the code within the braces of the class and for this reason the main() is put

    within the class.

  4. What is Composition?
    Creating object of another class in our class and calling other class methods is known as

    “Composition”. Composition inreases reusability and the other style of “inheritance”. C++ people call

    it as “has-a” relationship.

  5. What is Data binding?
  6. What is Data hiding?
  7. What is Encapsulation?
  8. What is Method?
  9. What is Method Overloading?
  10. What is data binding?
  11. What is data binding?
  12. What is data binding?
  13. What is data binding?

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