java performance tuning

Java Performance Tuning 2

1.0 Introduction 2.0 Algorithm Analysis 3.0 Data Structures 3.1 Sets and SortedSets 3.2 Lists 3.3 Maps and Sorted Maps 4.0 Summary 5.0 JVM Tuning 5.1 Server Mode 5.2 Sizing the Heap 5.3 GC Monitoring & Tuning 6.0 I/O Buffering6.1 Tuning with 1.0 Introduction Java Performance Tuning emphasizes techniques that provide big performance gains with minimal …

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Servlets JSP Performance Tuning Tips

Servlets JSP Performance The following pages describe performance-tuning techniques (PTT) for developing high performance and scalable JSP (JavaServer Pages) pages and servlets. This means building applications that are reasonably and consistently fair. 1. Use the HttpServlet init() method for caching data The server calls the servlet’s init() method after the server constructs the servlet instance …

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