java list iterator example

LinkedList Iterators Get Elements Java

In this program, different styles of retrieving the elements and also extracting a few elements from the list are shown. Example on LinkedList Iterators Get Elements Java import java.util.*; public class LinkedListIterators { public static void main(String args[]) { LinkedList myList = new LinkedList(); myList.add(“one”); myList.add(“two”); myList.add(“six”); myList.add(“zero”); myList.add(“nine”); // USING FOREACH System.out.print(“Elements with foreach: …

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List Tutorial Java

List Tutorial Java: It is advised to read List Fundamentals before proceeding the following programs. Four programs are given on List with different functionalities. List Methods: Uses frequently used methods like size(), add(), get(), contains(), indexOf(), lastIndexOf(), subList(), remove(), clear() and isEmpty(). List Iteration: Comparing two lists with equals(), converting list elements to array with …

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