Difference Encapsulation Abstraction

Difference Encapsulation Abstraction Summary: It is very confusing concept, as one depends on other, for a Java beginner to understand. Explained in simple terms in this tutorial "Difference Encapsulation Abstraction". How to explain the difference between Encapsulation and Abstraction before an Interviewer? Encapsulation is an OOPS concept. As everyone says, Encapsulation is binding the data …

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OOPS concepts Tutorial

OOPS concepts Tutorial Summary: By the end of this tutorial "OOPS concepts Tutorial", you will understand the meaning of OOPS concepts. Three basic concepts of OOPS Abstraction Encapsulation Polymorphism 1. Abstraction Abstraction means using the equipment (or code) without knowing the details of working. For example, you are using your mobile phone without knowing how …

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