Series: Layout Managers

Java placing components to the desired location, explained elaborately in simple terms.

BorderLayout Manager Example

BorderLayout Manager Example: After knowing the layout managers, FlowLayout and GridLayout functionality, let us go to the style of BorderLayout arrangement of components in a container. As the name indicates the container is divided into 5 regions – 4 borders (North, South, East, West) and 1 Center. Following are the properties of BorderLayout manager. Components …

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Java AWT CardLayout Manager

After learning the basic layout managers (Flow, Border and Grid), let us study the advanced layout managers – CardLayout and GridBagLayout. These two managers are used in specific cases, but not often, where basic layout managers with panel combinations fail to fulfill the layout requirements. Layout management is the procedure of deciding the size and …

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Java AWT GridLayout Manager

After knowing the importance of layout managers, FlowLayout and BorderLayout, let us study the other layout manager – GridLayout. As the name indicates the container is divided into a grid of cells dictated by rows and columns. Each cell accommodates one component. Like with FlowLayout, in GridLayout also, the position need not be mentioned. But …

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