Series: JDK Versions

JDK versions with new features explained with examples

Java Versions

Java Versions or JDK Versions What is Java Version? Java is not developed by a single man, but developed by a team of engineers belonging to the corporate giant Sun Microsystems. The development never ends; it goes on. The engineers at Sun Microsystems watch the market demands everyday and adds more classes to the existing …

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JDK 1.8 Features

Following are JDK 1.8 Features Read one-by-one as they are very innteresting. 1. Method References a) With static method: import java.util.Arrays; class Test { public static int matchStringLength(String str1, String str2) { return str1.length() – str2.length(); } } public class Demo { public void printByStringLength() { String names[] = {“abcde”,”abc”,”ab”,”abcd”, “a”}; Arrays.sort(names, Test::matchStringLength); System.out.println(Arrays.toString(names)); } …

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