Series: Introduction

What is Java? Tutorial

Java Drawbacks

Even though Java is projected as the most demanded language of the times, but has its own disadvantages. Of course, they are very minor in nature and need not be considered as drawbacks compared to the advantages it brings forward. Following is the list of Java Drawbacks a) Slow performance: The first and foremost drawback …

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Java Naming Conventions Readability

Java Naming Conventions Readability Summary: Unlike C/C++, Java comes with naming conventions to increase the readability of code. This "Java Naming Conventions Readability" explains how to do it. After knowing the rules of identifiers, it is the time to know the another grammar of Java known as "conventions". Conventions increase the readability of the program. …

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Data Types Default Values Java

Java does not support garbage values. An unassigned local variable gives compilation error and an instance (global) variable takes a default value. Following program illustrates the default values given by JVM for unassigned instance variables. String is not a data type. If not assigned, String takes null as the default. public class DataTypeDefaults { byte …

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