Java Conversions

Following topics give the conversions between different concepts of Java like, date to string, array to string, string to arraylist, numbers to words etc.


1. Byte Array to Char Array – Char Array to Byte Array
2. String to a) char array and b) byte Array
3. Char array & Byte array to String
4. Integer Array to int Array


1. StringBuffer to String
2. String to Array
3. Array to String
4. Object to String

Date and Calendar

1. a) Calendar to java.sql.Date and b) java.sql.Date to Calendar
2. a) Calendar to java.util.Date and b) java.util.Date to Calendar
3. Java Date to String
4. Java String to Date


1. Application to Applet
2. Applet to Application

Data structures

1. Array to ArrayList
2. ArrayList to Array
3. Array to List
4. Set to Array
5. Array to Set
6. Array to Collection
7. Collection to Array


1. a) Conversion in between all data types, b) data types to string and c) string to data types
2. int to Binary, Octal, Hexa
3. Converting Numbers to Words

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