Java Extends vs Implements

Java uses two keywords to inherit – extends and implements. The difference of them and their usage is trivial to understand. Introduction Java Extends vs Implements Go through the following combinations and rules one-by-one. Write small programs and practice. It is required to master them for a better Developer. 1. Inheritance between concrete (non-abstract) and …

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Extends Java Multiple classes

Extends Java An OOPs language is meant more for reusability. It achieves reusability with "has-a" relation (through composition) and "is-a" relation (through inheritance). For "has-a" relationship, known as composition in Java, refer Composition – "has-a" Relationship. Now let us discuss inheritance and how the reusability is achieved. To get the concept, very small programs are …

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Types of Inheritance Tutorial Java

Types of Inheritance There exists basically three types of inheritance. Multilevel inheritance Multiple inheritance Hierarchical inheritance 1. In single inheritance, one class extends one class only. In multilevel inheritance, the ladder of single inheritance increases. 2. In multiple inheritance, one class directly extends more than one class. 3. In hierarchical inheritance one class is extended …

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