Java Arrays

Java Arrays

Arrays play very important role in a programming language. Java also supports arrays. Array manipulation is easy like array copying. Java 2 adds a new class called java.util.Arrays for array elements manipulation. Following gives all the operations, you expect that are necessary for arrays.

1. Arrays Introduction & Properties
2. One-Dimensional Arrays
3. Two-Dimensional Arrays (Array of Arrays)
4. Java Array Copying
5. Command-line Arguments
6. Jagged Arrays – Varying Column Size Arrays
7. Converting Numbers to Words
8. String Array & Object String Array
9. Byte Array to Char Array – Char Array to Byte Array
10. Creating Array Objects
11. Passing Arrays to Methods
12. Java Passing Arrays to Constructor
13. Static String & Static String Array
14. Char & Byte array to String
15. Joining (concatenating) Arrays
16. Confusion of reference variables and objects in arrays (array of array objects)

Array operations using class java.util.Arrays

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