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way2java.com is a Java Tutorial site for Java freshers like college students and new programmers. It is absolutely free and does not ask you even a login screen.

Working as Corporate Trainer on Java Technologies for more than 15 years. Presently giving Corporate Training at Verizon, Mind Space, Hyd.

Author of many Java books at University level (for both Osmania and JNTU) like Web Programming, Client Server Programming through Java, OOPS through Java etc.

Teaches Java Technologies at
Config Software Solutions,


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  1. how can i get different client systems mac addresses in a web application using java with browser compatability

    i tried to get different client systems MAC addresses who are accessing my application…but i got only one address MAC (server system) all the time..

    below code:

    InetAddress ip = InetAddress.getLocalHost();
    Enumeration networks = NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces();
    while (networks.hasMoreElements()) {
    NetworkInterface network = networks.nextElement();
    byte[] mac = network.getHardwareAddress();
    if (mac != null) {
    System.out.print(“Current MAC address : “);
    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
    for (int i = 0; i < mac.length; i++) {
    sb.append(String.format("%02X%s", mac[i], (i < mac.length – 1) ? "-" : ""));

    output: single MAC Address ( server system MAC Address)

    But the problem is i want different MAC address of different client systems who are accessing my application n…will you please help me..

  2. Lakshmi Narayana

    Hi Nageswara Rao Sir,

    I want to Learn Core Java from, please tell me currently where (In which institute) You are teaching.
    so i will attend for your Training Sessions.

  3. mounica grand daughter of akunuri govinda rao asoknagar

    can you please post me your mobile no or residential address … mounica 9441206931 and 04027630664

  4. Dhaval Chandnani

    I am referring your blog since months and i think you are doing an awesome job.
    I would like you to put something on Remote Method Invocation !!
    Thank You.

    1. You pointed out very correctly. I will do it within a week.

      I can give a brief introduction on RMI. Invoking a method existing on a different system, existing anywhere in the Globe, from your system without using Internet is known as Remote Method Invocation. For example, to know your account balance from ATM center existing in a bank server which is generally in a different place.

  5. I am a regular user of this blog & would like to thank S. Nageswara Rao sir for this blog that made us learn java in a simple & easy way. Also very happy to see the new version of this blog.

    Thanks once again sir.

  6. Hi sir,

    can you please tell me which is the best institute to learn unix and shell scripting at ameerpet. please tell me the faculty name.


  7. devi siva priya

    Hi sir
    Sir I want to excute servelt program using tomcat server with out any ide just by using java .please guide me sir.mean while I have these doubts.
    Is servelet api.jar can be download separately. But my tomcat does not not have this jar file.and my jdk is . 1.8.which tomcat version is suitable?and I have a doubt that while download ing tomcat from tomcat main website it show s zip.file and tar files.I don’t know which I have to download. My system is window s 7 32 bit.please which I have download.please clarify my doubt s sir
    I am struggleing for last month.
    Please explain in pin point leval .
    Thank you sir
    My mail I’d is devisivapriya9 @gmail.com

  8. I am yure student ,compete java ..and searching the jobs,,sir , i am having one doubt, would i go for selenioum,or hadoop for more jobs opprtunitoes.. i am having 3 years gap…to recover i decide to go wider useful platform like hadoop
    b/z todays hadoop is more demand same as selenioum..so plz help me ….

  9. purna chandra senapaty

    Sir i ‘ve completed b.tech in EE branch…but i ‘ve more interest in software sector…Now i am starting my career in software line…
    So please suggest me what are the primary courses should i learn first…which is the best institute to give me basic fundamental ideas..
    And one more thing sir Is it possible to start a career in this sector after completing btech on EE branch…

  10. Sir This is Vivek…your old student ,

    Actually one of my friend interested to take java coaching . So, please tell me where you are teaching now ?? in Config or any where else ? Please send the address of your institute….It is urgent. please kindly reply fast sir….

  11. Hi there,
    sir, i am basically from Electronics background. want to learn java but i have no idea about it. sir, may i know currently where you teach ? . Thought of learning under your guidance.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  12. sir i am having 3 years gap,i complete java,but better jobs i am thinking do hadoop or selenium..
    plz suggest me which one with java will gives more jobs calls
    sir i am waiting for yure reply.

    i am confusied which i choosed..

  13. sir i am having 3 years gap,i complete java,but better jobs i am thinking do hadoop or selenium..
    plz suggest me which one with java will gives more jobs calls

  14. Sir,

    I’m 2015 passed out fresher with mechanical engineering stream. I have to get a job. so I’m trying to learn java thinking I’ll have more opportunities in IT industry. Heard about you that you are the best teacher for java. Could you help me learning?


  15. prashant shukla

    sir i have completed my B.E cs-branch in 2012 when i complete the graduation that time in my family some problem came my father became ill with heart diseases and i m a single boy in my family so thats why that time due to money problem and for my father i did’nt go for interview outside of my hometown, becoz my father was working in under one shopkeeper ,so for family money is required and my father also was ill that time now he has recovered after operation, so he told me that you should not spoil your carrier go and apply for according to ur education, so sir i don’t have any experience and every companies consider only those pepole who are fresher or experience and so plz sir give me suggestion what shall i do , i did loan from bank for my education so plz sir help me … ????

    1. There is one good guy, with good office premises, who train in soft skills and technical for interviews. He charges Rs.21,000 and gets you some interview calls. It is you to clear the exams.

      Contact Sai Kumar, 09885738238, Hyderabad for further particulars.

  16. Sir,
    Could please guide me which institute is good for Oracle DBA As well as forms and report developer in Hydrebad?

  17. Dear Sir,
    I really appreciate you for your great work. I’m the great fan of you & I always suggest to my friends to read your book. I read your core Java book 2 times which help me a lot to understand the core Java concepts clearly.

    I’m 2014 pass out MCA student, working in a small company in Kolkata as a Java programmer. Right now I’m working on an ERP project which uses Java technology like struts framework and JDBC. Before that I worked in a part of this ERP project which is developed in Spring & Hibernate technologies.

    But sir, my problem is I’m getting very confused working on this project as I’m newbie on the above mentioned Java technologies and not getting properly. Could you please tell me in which institute of Hyderabad, I will join for online training for Spring, Hibernate & struts ?

      1. Sir, is online training best or not to learn the Java technologies or better to attend the class directly in institute?

        1. If you need online training for java and java related technologies contact Kiran mobile number:8500155531

  18. sir,i am confused b/z i am having 2,5 years gap in academic

    sugget me the growthable course that will makes my carrer boost..

    some body suggest me goto salesforce having demand?
    whats yure suggestion?

  19. Sir, i am doing java,i want to do cloud computing which module is best.. and which institue is best?
    todays cloud gaving more demand,so i want to make as expeariance,plz help me to suggest..with java ,cloud make my resume heavy..

  20. Sir,

    I have been a regular follower of your site way2java.com I am a huge fan of your posts. I have also recommended your site to various friends and of mine. I have few doubts and wish to seek your help and guidance.

    Sir, I am 2014 pass out. Now I wish to start my career as a Java/J2EE Developer. I am well-versed with core and advance java. But due to cut throat competition in IT field, I am not able to get job as a java developer. After complete research on internet and discussions with seniors and I have decided to make a 1 year fake job experience certificate because that is the ongoing trend in getting jobs.

    Sir, I wish to know with what technologies should I equip myself so that I can be as skilled as a person with one year of experience is. Please suggest me which java technology should I must learn. I will also wish to know in what companies should I apply so that there is no background verification.

    I would be truly grateful if you could clear my queries.

    Thanking You.


    1. One year experience is not treated as experience, it should be minimum 2 years. Experience guy means he should have minimum 2 years experience. Below 2 years, it is treated as fresher.

      Then what to learn depends on the project you put. In general learn, Spring, Hibernate, some testing, Struts etc.

      1. there are lot of companies in delhi/ncr which hires 0 to 3 year experience programmer..!!

        Please tell me what should i do..!!
        should i join any insititute that provide live project training?? or should i learn everything myself?? Please guide me in details..
        I have also sent you the same email you may guide me out there. my email address is [email protected]. I have sent an email to [email protected] 1 month ago.

          1. Ok sir :)

            Thank you for your valuable comments. One more thing I wanna meet once in my life… whatever i learned i learned from here only. Thank you so much.

  21. hello Sir,
    please tell me what is the difference between Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection in Spring.I have gone through so many websites,but i couldnt understand clearly.

  22. sir,i completed all java ..i am searching jobs also,,but not selcted..
    i think i required to another course that make me easy to get jobs..plz i wan tto put some 2.5 years exp..plz help me what should i do..its necessary to do ADF and other courses..

  23. Sir, please give me your number sir, so that we can confirm the timings accordingly..Thanks for the response sir

  24. Hi Sir

    I’ve little bit of knowledge in core java but I want to make it more. But the problem is I’m pursuing masters(MS) in US now…Can you please offer online classes to me through skype(I can pay for this)…
    Thanks in advance…

    Many Thanks

          1. SIr,I m putting some faq experiance ,i completed all the java ,but better jobs its required to learn MongoDB.
            Howz the future on it.

  25. Dear sir
    I am working as java developer.but I am not that much strong so i want to be strong.
    so tell me any teachers name .but he should be in mumbai. i am staying in mumbai.

  26. how much of knowlw=edge is required for ajax,jquery,json for java integartion..
    to days markrt which is helpful for me..sir it is compulsory required to integrate with json..
    plz sove this 2 doubts

  27. I completed mca in before 2 years back.
    i am in middle in java means spring i am doing.
    sir,plz suggest me as if i want to do course web methods and java,tell me the scope and growth in web methods course..

  28. sir,i completed java ..but i wan t to do cloud computing for my better opprtunities in IT company.
    so it gives any benefits

    1. SIr,thanks for giving me the previous answer
      I am going webservice related to java ..
      todays point of view which webservice is demanded ,soap or rest ful service

  29. sir
    i have doubt about webserver and application server.

    on which scenario we have been go for webserver and application server.

    and what are the main vary between webserver and application server sir.

    please reply sir.

    1. Application server executes applications – any applications. For example, Weblogic is an application server that executes J2EE applications. A web server executes only web applications like Servlets, JSP and Struts etc. That is, a web server is an application server that executes only web applications. Sometimes, as with Weblogic, an application server can also be a web server.

  30. Hi Nageshwara Rao garu,

    Are you still teaching in config?? I have attended the core java classes in config.. Now I want to take up the advanced java course.. I tried to reach config but none of the phone numbers were working..

      1. sir, i want to learn hibernate and spring.have you taken any class related to this 2 course.and not plz suggest me the best materials for it.

          1. Sir,I am doing webservice .. sir my queston is there i want to do cloud computing with java that i can got more opprtunity or not?
            b/z upcoming market is depends on cloud computing?
            so,plz as afaq exprience it will help me to help me for secured future.

      2. Dear Sir..
        I have read lot of reviews on your java course. I am having 12 yrs of experience on mainframes. I would like to move towards cloud and analytics.As a part of this,i would like to learn java. Pls provide me institute details along with contact number ?.


  31. sir,i am suman completed java,and want to put 3 years faq experience.

    sir,thanking yu for giving me the reply for my query that java its not only help me to get the jobs b/z todays markets is huge of java all knows ..
    so sir java with which course i have do that will having more opprtunities to other java person.
    plz suggest me the right path

      1. sir,what about the future in java with SOA .todays is demand is therir or not?

        people are also suggesting do java with clud computing yu have more calls?

          1. okk.but sir,what about the tibco tool?

            it ie required for all the project or not?

            okk.tell me the common tools that required for puting some faq expe.

  32. hello sir
    sir please suggest me i fresher there is lot of problem to get the job i am completed full pkg of java.. so any other course will benefited me or not please tell..
    if yes then which cousre??/

  33. i am doing java.if i put 1.5 years exp is it required to learn webservice?

    and for the struts is required b/z all are sauing now days no company used struts b/z of spring.

    1. okk.it is required to learn ejb also…

      sir it is required to learn as a java developer for ADF oracle…
      if i learn it will benefited or not?

      1. i am completing total java.. i want to do more like todays technology like clod computing,selenium,tools,any things ..b/z sir if i do it will be gives more chanse to recruits me..so sir plz guide me which course except java will help me to get the job easily with java..
        sir,i gave interview so much persons are comming and attending the interview
        thats a reason i wan to make my self strong to do extra learning technology that will make me helpfull..so sir suggest the right thing which will make me easy and i am ready to work hard..

        b/z i completing java in hydrabad,with 8 month..so plz guide me additional course with related to java otherwise ANY TECHNOLOGY RELATED COURSE WHICH ARE HAVING BOOMS IN TODAYS WORLDS ..

        thanks for yure reply…

          1. i am putting experience with 2.5 exp…

            so plz guide me except java another which course help me to get easily jobs..i am confused b/z i did 8 months but no use..
            so is there any other way means another technology?

    1. All are not taught by one person. First contact Mr.Suryanarayana of ActiveNet. He teaches some tools and enquire from him for other. Anyhow, learning all is laborious and time taking. If you are employed, learn those you are using in the work. If you are fresher and seeking job, learn Weblogic, JBoss. If you keep fake experience, the best tool is TIBCO and is easy to master it. Many jobs are available throughout the world on TIBCO with 3 years experience. Try and anyhow take second opinion.

    2. sir,i am java developer.Is it required to learn tibco b/z all are saying its not java developer jobs to learn tibko tools.its only for testing worker

        1. sir, i meant to say that it is required to learn tibko if i am work as a java developer.

          which tools mostly used as a java developer in an industry?

        1. ok… i got it..

          but in ameeepth all are teaching maven ,svn tools.
          no one teach this type of tibko tools..

          Sir,if you know else yu are teaching i am ready otherwise suggest me another institue in ameerpeth.

    3. ok sir… plz tell me the what are the tools are equired to put 4 years experiance//
      is it required to learn tibco.

      1. You know 4 years is very long time where you should be very pre-cautious in interviews. Do some realtime projects from start to finish (upto deployment on client machine). Take guidance. Get acquainted with problems you encountered in coding and how overcame, design patterns used in the project, Struts, Spring, Hibernate is a must. Tomact web server, Weblogic application server, JBoss application server, Eclipse and NetBeans etc. Have command over XML like XSLT, XPath etc.

  34. hello sir,
    I am from ECE background.i knew the basics of core java.got a job in small product based company as a java developer.now i need to learn adv java and one frame work and they wont provide training.i have to learn own.please suggest me the best way to learn and institute.

  35. i completed mca and i have an doubt that struts 1.x is required to learn or struts 2.x.
    again sir,is it required to learn ajx and jquery .

  36. page scope contains how many request why?
    request scope contains how many request why?
    session scope contains how many request why?
    application scope contains how many request why?
    all scopes are running in same browser?

  37. Hi sir , this is veeru from tirupati,i have to completed j2se , j2ee,spring and web services. my problem is working with real time scenario on spring and web services.u tell me any real time person working with spring and web services in hyd .it is more help-full to me thank you sir

  38. my self deva.sir, iwant to put 3 years experiance in java ,i done mca ..i want best institue that will give me training on real tyme projects on java framwork.sir, i am in new in hydrabad and i am very serious about my carreer. i pay and waste my amount in diffenrt institue which is faq.plz sir suggest me ?if yure student knows about any genuine institue plz let me know…

  39. Hello sir, i know this not the place to ask such Q, but still i want ask u that does degree or percentage matters after getting experience in IT world??

    I have 2 year diploma in software engg and graduation degree (BA) right now i am working in a small product based company as trainee java developer. i m also doing mca from IGNOU, i fear sometime that it will affect my career in future reasons are:
    I don’t have good score in academics nor in graduation.

    i don’t have good degree but still they selected cause of my knowledge still i am very scared about my future. Working as Corporate Trainer on Java you must have knowledge about this. the main what Q is what matters a cool degree or experience in java world???

    i want to tell you one more thing that i didn’t learn anything in my institute whatever i learn i learn from this site only.
    Thank you very much sir.

    please clear my doubts..

    1. Do not think any other thing. First complete your MCA through IGNOU. Put 3 years of experience. When you complete 2 years write me, what you should do in 3rd year.

      Do not worry about future. It will be bright. Concentrate on coding much. Read computer dictionary available in the market.

      Let me know your place of work, is it Hyderbad?

          1. Sir, I couldn’t understand! How can i put 3 years experience when i only have 2 years?? and if i put fake exp then what if they will surely check my background ?

            is there any company which provide genuine experience certificate?`

  40. Hi sir,

    sir why set contains unique elements? This Question was asked to me in
    Accenture interview. Could you Please tell me the answer.

    Thanks & Regards

  41. sir,i am putting 2 yers faq experience..sir,i am confused in which one is mandatory.
    jsf is best or struts..which i prefer .

  42. Hello sir,

    please tell me the meaning of this line – Super d1 = new Demo();

    abstract class Super{
    public void display(){
    System.out.println(“From abstract class”);
    public class Sub extends Super {
    public void display(){
    System.out.println(“From demo class”);
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    Super d1 = new Sub();

    1. As display() is overridden, d1 calls Sub class display() method. From Sub class display() method, you are calling Super class display() method.

      Rule: When a subclass object is assigned to super class object, the super class object will call subclass overridden method.

  43. Hi sir,

    sir from which site i can learn data structure can u please suggest me and also please tell me which institute best for data strucures in hyderbad. please sir answer…I will be waiting for your response.

    Thanks & Regards

  44. Respected Sir,
    I am a big fan of yours.I have read your book Core Java.An Integrated Approach….Its out of the world….Its the best book in java with such clarity of conception…..Sir you bgreat….And here you are doing a great job Sir…Thank you Sir for guiding so many of us…….

  45. Hello Mr. Nageswara,

    First i must say your explanations are quiet understandable and are approaching the subject from whole different perspective (different than standard teaching patterns) which makes it easier to realize and understand.

    Actually i have a simple question where i can’t find answers for.

    ObjectName obj = new ObjectName() ;

    Why does the reference variable type matter in java?
    I mean it (reference variable) stores just the reference (8 byte) number that points to the register where the real object lives. Why wants java us to define the reference variable type? It could store the 8byte address anyway even if we don’t define the type. Thank you.

  46. Hi sir,

    which is the best institute for learning hadoop in hyderbad. what is scope of haddop if i opt it as a career give me suggestion sir please.


  47. Hi sir,

    Sir i have got a doubt in jsp. why page scope is not not sharable then why it is given in jsp’s. How can i achive pagination in jsp’s give one simple example.

    Thanks & Regards,

  48. sir, i am completed hibernate and spring and doing webservice.
    sir, there is one institue called neo app opposite maitri vanam ameerpeth they are providing real tyme projects only on core and adv java and thay are telling that after 3 month u completed you can put faq experiance.sir ,it is required or not? for faq experiance…thay are not given training on framework only core and adv part?.
    whats your suggestion ? b/z iam very confused and they are taken 5000 amount.so plz advise? or you suggest which another institue thay are given traing on framework?

  49. hi sir,
    I’,m from electronics background ,i know only basics of C ,can u suggest the best inst. or faculty in hyderabad to learn java

  50. Dear sir,
    I was a student of you. Sir, please help me in solving the following question.
    Sir, please answer me as soon as possible.

    Q) Print the value of Pi (22/7) upto 100 digits after decimal point with ten digits in each line. (AMAZON interview question)

    My approach in C,

    Observed the pattern repeats for every 7 digits after decimal but this is not completely implemented. Output is also given.

    int main()
    double pi = 22.0/7.0;
    int x=1;
    double y = (1.0/7.0);
    return 0;

  51. Hello sir,
    I have no idea about programming thoigh im into cse in a well reputed university.but now im trying to start learning.im in third year now…can u suggest me any good ways for learning java.how much time does it take to gt proficient in java.im from chennai btw.
    Thankyou sir.

  52. Hello sir,
    I want to know “If we declare outerclass as static”, what is the problem..?
    “Why we should not declare outerclass as static”…?
    Pls answer this…sir..

    Thank you very much in advance…!

  53. Hello Sir,

    Please help me, when i am writing the below code it is compiling but giving the below mentioned exception, please help me solve this.

    public class Demo

    public static void main (String args[])

    int x=10;
    System.out.println (x);


    C:\Users\Krishna\Desktop>javac Demo.java

    C:\Users\Krishna\Desktop>java Demo
    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Demo

    1. Your program is working nice. The possible problem with you is, you have saved the file in one directory and compiling from different directory DOS prompt.

      Write always like this to avoid this type of problem:

      C:\snr> notepad Demo.java

      Do not write

      C:\snr> notepad

      like this and save afterwards.

      1. Hello Sir,

        i created the folder in same directory as you said, but still facing the same issue as below

        C:\Krishna>notepad Demo.java // this is the command i used to create the file.

        Getting this error

        C:\Krishna>javac Demo.java

        C:\Krishna>java Demo
        Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Demo

        This my problem

  54. try
    Search s=new Search();
    Sir, I am getting a null pointer exception in the above code.Do I have to write a constructor in the class?

  55. sir i am doing hibernate. i want to do also ajax and jquery.which is best institue and best books for this.

  56. way2java can be renamed as “easyway2java”…very happy that i found this website and the concept explained in such way that it makes us to understand easily.

    Just wanted to know is there any way to download this content or any PDF available with this topics.

    Once again thank you for helping us.

    And also could you please let us know where are you conducting the classes in HYD, and how do we know when the new batches are starting etc.


  57. Hello Sir,

    Your way of concept explanation increase our enthusiasm towards java and it makes more interesting like any movie….! thank u so much sir…


    Will you please explain the concept of constructor in your own way with small example…? plz sir..!

  58. Hi sir,

    i m 2010 passed out .I have 1.5 years experience in java.Due to my marriage i have 2 years gap.Now I want to continue my job.some one suggest me to go to informatica.

    Suggest me which one i choose .If i chose java which technologies i have to learn
    to getting job.

  59. Sir,
    Thank you very much for this wonderful website and your time to respond our queries.

    I am core Java developer with 2 yrs experience. I heard that Big Data is having huge scope in future and the sources for big data like Hive, Hadoop have been developed using Java. Is it good to switch that side? Does really Big Data contains Java concepts. Please advice me.


  60. Sir,

    I have 2.5 years experience in adv java and hibernate. As because of my marriage I have 1 year gap. Now I want to continue my job as either developer / tester or is there any other option?

    Suggest me which one is good for me to have long career in IT sector and also suggest me, do I need to do any certifications. Kindly clear my doubt. I am in a very big dilemma.

  61. Sir,

    I am very happy to meet you through this site. I have 2.5 years experience in java technology and i am B-Tech 2010 passout. As because of my marriage, I resigned my job and came to abroad. Now we are moving to Hyderabad on this September and I want to continue my job.

    I feel testing is good for married women to continue their job for long time. Suggest me what I have to opt? If testing is fine, can I get some good job with my past experience?

  62. i am doing mca and i want to do hibernate and struts course with projects so i will be prefect in both.so plz suggest me the best trainy institue in ameerpth .

    1. For Core and Advanced Java, it is Durga Software Solutions, Maitrivanam, Ameerpet. Contact:040-64512786.

      For Hibernate, Spring and Struts, it is ActiveNet, Ameerpet, by Surayanarayana. These things you require very good practice and dedication. You must have good understanding of JDBC, Servlets and JSP. Better to have Oracle also.

  63. sir i am doing mca and i am here in hydrabad to leran selenium tools.
    i know core java very well and …
    what about the pre requisite for this selenium tool and what about the future.

  64. sir, i completed mca in 2014.what about the future scope in android ..
    it is good or not.
    i know core java ,adv java,spring,struts.it is helpful for me.
    which institue in ameerpeth teach nice

  65. This is Salman completed mca in pune.sir,i am in hydrabad ameerpeth i have only 5 month for doing any course in ameerpeth b/z family not allowed ,to convience them i came in hydrabad.
    but plz tell me the course that i complete within 5 month and definatly get the job.
    i am ready to hard work.but suggest me course that will help me in future.

  66. Hello Rao Sir,

    My friend suggested your books for Java. I like your books the way you explained it. But I cannot buy your books in USA because none of website is selling in USA or shipping in USA. Is there a way, I can get ebook pdf. I will pay the price fo that.

    Thanks in advance.


  67. Hi Sir,
    I am Srilatha 2009 b.tech graduate and i have total 3 years of testing experience and i resigned for my job in 2013 jan as i need to accompany my husband for his onsite.So i was staying in abroad since one and half year which is a career break for
    me.And i have started learning java since two months and planned to complete advance java through online training so can you please tell me what would be the scope for getting job in java technology when i return to india.Do the recruiters consider my profile.I am very much interested to migrate myself from testing to java technology. Do you think its good to show some fake experience on java(for this one and half year gap).. please suggest me..

    1. Yes, you can have fake some period as you have got some realtime experience earlier. Come to India on testing only. Afterwards, we can think of migrating to Java.

      Online training is not effective as class room teaching.

      When you can return to India as per existing plan. Can you not get job in abroad on testing?

  68. Dear Sir,

    It was good !

    Can u please tell me which one is the good web site for spring and hibernate
    Sir what about hashcode and equals pls explanin it very simple way i refere many website but concept is not clear

    Please help

  69. sir, i m doing spring and hibernate course from satya .sir iwant to do hadoop .what is pre requisite for this course. and what is fututre and which best among both java and hadoop.

  70. hello sir,
    i want take indetail core java training online . can u provide me details on this to my email id

  71. praveen srivastava

    Respected Sir,
    I am 2013 m.tech passout and 2010 b.tech passout and i learned core java and adv java from durga institute. I tried in so many companies as a fresher but did not selected.My friends guided me that put 2 years of fake experience in java and 2 years of fake exp. in Hadoop technology.One other option i am having that i can also put 4 years of experience in java technology.So please guide me sir which option will be good for me.I really confused.
    Waiting for Your Favorable reply.

    Thanking You
    Praveen Srivastava

  72. Sir,
    is this super() must be first line of constructor??
    if i use super() keyword in second line of constructor then what will happen??

  73. Raju Kapadne

    Respected Sir ,
    Extremely nice Java tutorial you have given for freshers .
    Thanks a lot/

    Thanks & Regads
    Raju Kapadne (Pune ) Maharashtra

  74. sir, i am doing the courses in ameerpth but doing the course not enough,
    plz let me know i want to do projects in java please suggest me that i can get training.

  75. Hello Sir,

    I am your old student when you taught in Madhapur. Sir, Can you also teach java online through skype ? If there is chance please let me know sir, I will be your first student.

    Thank you,

  76. Sir,i am doing servlet. sir tell me some website where i can reviews source codes for already developed projects.
    also sir,guide me where i can get examples projects in the net.

  77. Sir,
    I want to create new ssl certificate for users each time they request, on server, and then mail it to them. Its my college project. so the steps of actions to be performed requires creating a .bat file using file handling and then executing

    i tried using the help of java server pages as well as servlet for different version of following code

    Process p=Runtime.getRuntime().exec(“cmd /c start C:\\cc.bat”);
    catch(Exception ex)

    it worked in normal java file but does not show any response when executed using servlet or jsp. Please help me sir, there’s nobody over the world who would help to achieve it greater than you

  78. Dear Sir,
    how to fetch data from database automatically in textfield In Swing application like google??
    Supppose i have one JTextfield in Swing and when i enter any character like a ,b,c..then all that name starting with my typed charater will shown from databse like google search.

  79. Respected sir,
    Please explain the mechanism of servlets and web container?
    I mean Architecture of Servlets explanation.
    Servlets has no main() method then how methods of Servlets are called ?

      1. Respected sir,
        Thank you very much sir for your good service.
        Why we say a component is a reusable software? In this context,Reusable means?
        What is difference between server-side component and web component?

        1. Suppose you got an electrical extension box. Can you call it is reusable? Yes, you can use whenever you would like for supplying power to a light or washing machine etc. I call extension box is a reusable component. Component is does not require any modification for reusability.

          A server-side component means a software component (program) that works always on server-side. What is server-side? Suppose you you booked a railway ticket with waiting list. You want to know the status of your ticket now and then. You enter the PNR number and click submit button. Now there should be program on server-side to take your PNR number and get you status. The program which works on server to fetch your ticket status is known as server-side component. Then here, what is client-side? The client-side is a GUI where you can enter your PNR number.

          A web component is a server-side component which uses Web (Internet) as a conversation point (or interface) with client. Do not think all are Web components. suppose you go to a bank ATM to get balance of account. There you do not see a browser. The interface is not Web. So, do not think all are web components in the world.

          1. Respected sir,
            Thank you very much for your clear explanation.

            What I understood from your explanation is :—

            Component is a software unit.

            Reusable component is a software unit can use anywhere when it needs in any program E.g.,Buttons,Text box,.. which are predefined(built-in) components which can reuse anywhere.

            Server side component is a program which resides in server and executed in server but here client/server can use any medium(interface) for communication.

            While in the case of web component,web component is also server side component but client/server communication uses web as interface for communication,that is web browser as interface.

            “””If I am wrong anywhere,please assist me.”””

            Sir,What are the other various means for communication except web browser?

            Thank you very much for such a patience.
            God bless you sir.

          2. Respected sir,
            Then,what are the other softwares which are used to send request to server except web browser?

      1. Please,Explain mechanism of Servlets and web container?
        In Servlet program,there is no main() ,then how methods in servlets are called?

    1. Thank u very much sir.
      you are helping alot of students inspite of your busy schedule.
      God bless you sir.

  80. hello sir…
    I am confused with the concept Polymorphism….Will you plz explain Ploymorphism (Why,Where to use,How to use..?)

  81. Sir, When i execute the below code snippet
    public class Demo

    static double $rate;
    static int noOfDollars;
    noOfDollars = 3;
    public static void main(String args[]) {
    System.out.println(“I am main() method and will be calles after static method”);
    System.out.println(“The value of $rate is :” + $rate);
    System.out.println(“The value of noOfDollars is : ” + noOfDollars);
    System.out.println(“The conversion value is :” + $rate * noOfDollars);

    I am main() method and will be calles after static method
    The value of $rate is :63.2
    The value of noOfDollars is : 3
    The conversion value is :189.60000000000002

    But when i execute the same code by removing static for variable initialization
    block like below :
    public class Demo

    static double $rate;
    static int noOfDollars;
    noOfDollars = 3;
    public static void main(String args[]) {
    System.out.println(“I am main() method and will be calles after static method”);
    System.out.println(“The value of $rate is :” + $rate);
    System.out.println(“The value of noOfDollars is : ” + noOfDollars);
    System.out.println(“The conversion value is :” + $rate * noOfDollars);

    Output is
    I am main() method and will be calles after static method
    The value of $rate is :0.0
    The value of noOfDollars is : 0
    The conversion value is :0.0

    Could you help me in understanding the difference??

  82. sir, i am creating problem in setting the class path in rowset (ocrs12.jar) bcz i have oracle 11g database so.sir i am getting problem?

    and also same problem in connection pooling in jdbc .plz help me out .

  83. Hello sir,

    Thanks for your valuable suggestions for us…….

    I have a doubt…sir?

    How to become a corporate Java trainer?
    What i should learn and what i should teach and train in corporate sector..?

    Kindly answer my doubts…

    Thank you very much in advance…

  84. Sir,i want to more practise in collection and exception handling and many more
    sir,plz suggest me how can i learn more programs?

  85. sir iam feeling good and comfortable with the concepts of core java but iam lagging in implementation.iam very weak in developing logic.iam very much interested in learning java.plz advice me how to get rid of this problem.

  86. public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    int res = ToolRunner.run(new Configuration(), new EchoOhce(), args);

    i cant understand this step , please explain

    1. ToolRunner.run(new Configuration(), new EchoOhce(), args

      ToolRunner is a Java class. run() is a static method. The parameters of this method are 3 objects:

      1. an object of Configuration (for which an anonymous object is of Configuration is passed).
      2. an object of EchoOhce (for which an anonymous object is of EchoOhce is passed).
      3. an object String array for which args is passed.

      For anonymous objects refer:


  87. Sir you are truly made for JAVA… Your way of understanding the concepts and examples are very great….. thank you so much for helping via this blog….

    Sir I am very much interested in java. I have knowledge of concepts but i don’t have programming logic.

    plz guide me..what should I do to develop my logic?

    1. With Java, you cannot increase programming skills because everything is given in the form of API methods like class Arrays and class Collections etc. Programming skills will be improved in C-lang only. Try practising C-lang like prime, even and odd numbers etc to start with.

  88. Sir,

    First of all i should admit that its the first site i noticed where the author is responding to each and every question that has been put up. My heartfelt regards for it.

    Secondly, Im learning SELENIUM. Can you please tell me its CORE JAVA concepts enough for usage in selenium commands. If yes, Do you have a precise notes or material exclusively for CORE JAVA.

    Any help will be deeply appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. There is no separate and precise notes on the Core Java required for SAP Netweaver, Android and Selenium etc. Pick the required concepts and practise. Many tools takes care of implicitly threads managements (so, not required much of thread practising but concepts are required for better understanding), in file management read file copying using BufferedReader and BufferedWriter and not required much deeper, learn OOPs much deeper and there is no compromise in it, AWT GUI is no required at all, networking is not required, exception handling is required in total etc. Check the documentation of Selenium, you will have better understanding on what is required.

  89. Sir Please tell me what is the actal difference between Wait() vs Sleep() vs Yield() in Java in which situation which to be used

  90. Sir I am working on Spring and Spring roo platform and it’s banking money transfer project and we need to disable f5,right click,enter on webpages we are able to do that with js code but that not the complete solution bcoz in spring roo generated view pages their will be header and footer so in that part of weg page js code is not working and it allows users to resubmit form to do the payment how to avoid such problem in both client side and server side plz sir share your knowlegde ..I am waiting for ur reply

  91. Hi Sir,

    I am your old student in 2008 from config .Sir i need advanced java material where i can get one copy.

    i tried to get from config but they are not ready to give.

    please help me sir where i can get.

  92. Hello sir,

    I learnt structs, Hibernate, spring, web services(SOAP). Iam 2012 passed out. I’m thinking to put 2 years experience certificate. I can work hard to cover this experience. I need a real time experience for the project. Is there any institute who guide the project. I want to do some project .I want to utilize these 5-6 months. please suggest

  93. Hello sir,

    I’m madhusudhan, your student in Nexwave. I sent my resume regarding job as u told, but till now i did’t get any reply .

    please help me sir

  94. Sir, I want to have chat application for my website, Please tell me some reference sites that can help me to follow

  95. sir,i am doing in java .sir i want to make 3 years gap as experience. what knowledge i required for the survival in industry.
    tell me the technology plz

    1. You mean throws and throw:

      These two keywords are used with exception handling. “throws” is an alternative to try-catch but not robust way.


      “throw” is used by the programmer to throw an exception explicitly to the system. Generally used with user-defined exceptions.


  96. Sir, I am 2011 B.tech(IT) passout.
    Would like work in software….

    is their any institue that teach java as well as project training very well and placed us ..

    we are ready to pay ….

    sir,please guide because getting job is not easy ?

    plz help me out…

    Thanks in Advance..

  97. hi sir,
    please solve this problem.

    3. Write a Java program to list out the first 1500 natural numbers whose factor(s) is/are either ONLY 2, 3, or 5. The faster your program can complete the calculation the better, but it should not run more than 2 minute.

    For your reference, the first 20 numbers are (factors listed after semicolon):

    2 : 2
    3 : 3
    4 : 2 2
    5 : 5
    6 : 2 3
    8 : 2 2 2
    9 : 3 3
    10 : 2 5
    12 : 2 2 3
    15 : 3 5
    16 : 2 2 2 2
    18 : 2 3 3
    20 : 2 2 5
    24 : 2 2 2 3
    25 : 5 5
    27 : 3 3 3
    30 : 2 3 5
    32 : 2 2 2 2 2
    36 : 2 2 3 3
    40 : 2 2 2 5

    PS: 21 (3*7), 22 (2*11), 26 (2*13) are numbers that should not be in the list.

        1. find the factors of each and every number and store factors in array.Then check the array wheather it contain numbers other than 2,3,5.
          code should be like checking is to be done for each number and take another array to store them………..

        2. Calculate the factorial of each and every natural no. and store those factors in array.
          Take another array to compare whether it contain the numbers others than the 2,3,5.
          Calculations to be done for each and every number individullay……….

    1. Deepthi sri kancherla

      Here is a sample code for your question..
      You can improve the code to fulfil your requirements

      public class Main
      public static int flag;
      public static int[] factors= new int[10];
      public static void main(String args[])

      //this code prints such number upto 20
      for(int i=2;i<=20;i++)

      factors = factor(i);//this method returns an array of prime factors of the number//
      for(int k=0;k<factors.length;k++)







      public static int[] factor(int n)

      int count=0;
      int[] f=new int[10];

      for(int i=3;i2)

      return f;


      }//main class

    2. /*
      Author: Ranga Reddy
      Date: Feb-1-2018

      import java.util.ArrayList;
      import java.util.Collections;
      import java.util.List;

      public class PrimeFactors {

      public static void main(String[] args) {
      long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
      int n = 1500;

      int totalRecords = 0;
      for (int i = 1; i <= n; i++) {
      List factors = getPrimeFactors(i);
      if (factors.size() > 0) {
      System.out.print(i + ” : “);
      for (int fact : factors) {
      System.out.print(fact + ” “);
      long endTime = System.currentTimeMillis();

      System.out.println(totalRecords + ” taken ” + (endTime – startTime) + ” ms”);


      public static List getPrimeFactors(int num) {

      List factors = new ArrayList(5);
      if (num % 2 == 0 || num % 3 == 0 || num % 5 == 0) {
      while (num % 2 == 0) {
      num = num / 2;

      while (num % 3 == 0) {
      num = num / 3;

      while (num % 5 == 0) {
      num = num / 5;

      if (num == 1) {
      return factors;
      return Collections.emptyList();

  98. Hi Sir Its very good website,very good and well explained examples just need to chain links as we have to every time open new tab there is no track of links should be in order one by one topic…Thanks for your contribution.

  99. Good morning sir,
    This is praveen kumar so i’ve small doubt sir,i.e
    i wrote registration form jsp and after that i’ll create a database in mysql after that how to connect jsp to mysql
    can provide simple steps for this problem along with source code and architecture of project in eclips

  100. sir, my first qus. is suppose in one .java file 3 classes a,b,c are there and among them only class b is public, so we have to save this java file as B.java and compile it using the name of class B,so what is the reason behind this?
    and my second qus. is why java.lang pkg is by default available to all java classes and how?? why not others like java.util and java.net etc. pkgs are available bydefault to every java classes??

  101. Hello Sir,
    I am 2013 M.tech(Software Technology) pass out from vit university,vellore but unfortunately i did not get placement from college. So i came to hyderabad to learn the java technologies and till now i completed my core java and advanced java topics and parallel to this i am giving the elitmus exam to get job in good companies but it’s very difficult exam to crack and sir my friends are saying that in bangalore more number of openings will come in december and january but as a m.tech degree less chance is there to get a job as a fresher,,,,,so sir please give me advice that whether i should go to bangalore or write elitmus exam as a fresher or i should learn all java technologies and put 3 to 4 yrs. of fake experience??? Thanx in advance….

  102. sir, i am complete core and advanse java .sir i want to do training in any compny.
    i ma ready to pay but i cover all the concept of java and project.pl;z guide me.

  103. sir, I am 2010 B.tech(EEE) passout.
    Worked as Faculty for 2 years…
    would like work in software….

    is their any industry or institue that teach java as well as project training very well and placed us ..

    we are ready to pay ….

    sir,please guide because getting job is not easy ?

    i know that reference is most than knowledge.

    plz help me out…

    Thanks in Advance..

    1. Contact Mr.Amit Reddy on the mail address: [email protected]

      Refer my name.

      You may get help. Anyhow, today I too will inform him.

      Teaching experience can be shown as software experience. You must put some fake experience. To fulfil the fake, you have to work day and night. 2 years experience you must attain in 3 months. If you are prepared to work very hard them only start your trial.

  104. i am doing anvanse java, sir i want to do more practise in jdbc .plz refer me the books who gives all cover all the program related to jdbc and so on.

    plz give me the book name of advanse java that clear advanse level concept of java

  105. sir, i got lot of problem programatically to find jre and jdk and byte code.

    one more question how i know this is static method or instanse method.

  106. my self Dilip completed mca from jntu in hydrabad, in 2008.i have gap 5 years in my study because of my health was not well. so sir what i do .is it java helpful for fulfill all the gape.plz give me advise.

  107. Hello Sir,

    I feel very happy for your support…and Thank you very much for helping us in this way….

    Q. why i could not import classes in own my packages..?
    when i try like this “import com.org.* ”
    but if i give full name of the class eg:- “import com.org.MyClass” , I am able access it. What is the reason..?

    pls explain…

    Thank you in advance

  108. Sir, really super site i ever seen thank you a ton
    from now i stop surfing another sites because you given in simple english with proven examples.thanks for exposing your knowledge :) (Y)

  109. sir ,i want to do informatica and tera data .

    is it good or bad?

    m pursuing mca ..

    pl;z refer me the institue in ameerpeth that learn informatica .

  110. Hello sir, I’m your student from Infotech trained by you at Nexwave.
    Please help me solve this error.. It’s showing .class expected error.
    public class Demo
    public static void main( String[] args )
    double a;

    a = triangleArea(3, 3, 3);
    System.out.println(“A triangle with sides 3,3,3 has an area of:” + a);

    a = triangleArea(3, 4, 5);
    System.out.println(“A triangle with sides 3,4,5 has an area of:” + a);

    a = triangleArea(9, 9, 9);
    System.out.println(“A triangle with sides 7,8,9 has an area of:” + a );

    //Write your code here
    public static double triangleArea( int a, int b, int c )
    // the code in this function computes the area of a triangle whose sides have lengths a, b, and c

    double s,area,x;
    area= Math.pow(double x,double o.5);

    // ^ after computing the area, “return” it

  111. Sir, I’m your student from infotech, trained by you at Nexwave. Please help me in solving this code.

    public class Demo
    public static void main( String[] args )
    double a;

    a = triangleArea(3, 3, 3);
    System.out.println(“A triangle with sides 3,3,3 has an area of:” + a);

    a = triangleArea(3, 4, 5);
    System.out.println(“A triangle with sides 3,4,5 has an area of:” + a);

    a = triangleArea(9, 9, 9);
    System.out.println(“A triangle with sides 7,8,9 has an area of:” + a );

    //Write your code here
    public static double triangleArea( int a, int b, int c )
    // the code in this function computes the area of a triangle whose sides have lengths a, b, and c

    double s,area,x;
    area= Math.pow(double x,double o.5);

    I’m getting .class expected error.

    1. Hello Vinay,

      This is your modified code.

      public class Demo
      public static void main( String[] args )
      double a;

      a = triangleArea(3, 3, 3);
      System.out.println(“A triangle with sides 3,3,3 has an area of:” + a);

      a = triangleArea(3, 4, 5);
      System.out.println(“A triangle with sides 3,4,5 has an area of:” + a);

      a = triangleArea(9, 9, 9);
      System.out.println(“A triangle with sides 7,8,9 has an area of:” + a );

      //Write your code here
      public static double triangleArea( int a, int b, int c )
      // the code in this function computes the area of a triangle whose sides have lengths a, b, and c

      double s,area,x;
      area= Math.pow(x,0.5);


      The problem is in area= Math.pow(x,0.5);.

      How are your .NET classes are going on?

  112. i am doing advanse java course from sathaya,i got lots of create problem to understand reflection concept.

    plz guide me how to make easy?

    i work hard to get it but it become mor complex.

  113. i am pursuing mca

    sir, i want to make my career in oralr apps technical ,is it best career or not?

    sir,plz guide me the best institue in hydrabad for oracle apps tech?.

    is there any reqirement for fresher or not?

    scope ?
    what abt the suggestion about it?

  114. i am doing advanse java from Sathaya tech mr kv rao, ameerpeth.

    SIr, plz guide me in advanse java which topic is most imp that work in real tym scenerio.

    Sir, i want to more practise in reflection and do cover more example. plz guide me that how can i?

  115. Hello sir,

    I want to practice all the programs on core java.Can u pls tell me what are the installations i have to do to practice these programs on Linux OS?

    1. Simple way when no Internet is there:

      Go to DOS prompt and type like this:

      For example, if you would like to know the methods of String class:

      c:\snr> javap java.lang.String > aaa

      and press Enter key. Then open the file aaa avaialble in the current directory, you find the methods and constructors etc.

  116. sir,is their any industry or institue that teach java as well as project training very well and placed us ..

    we are ready to pay ….

    sir,please guide because getting job is not easy ?

    i know that reference is most than knowledge.

    plz help me out.

  117. Hello Sir,

    I want to do OCJP 7 Certification. Could you please suggest me what are the prerequisites I required for the same and what is the process to apply for this exam.


      1. Thanks for your quick reply sir. Could you please share some materials (or ebooks) or suggest some websites from where I can learn Struts2 and Spring3 easily.

        – Badal

          1. Sir, actually I didn’t find any good site through Google for the same. If you have came across any such sites then please suggest.


  118. i am confisud what i do java or sap…

    sir please guide as a growth level sap is best or not?

    one thing sir,i m doing mca in pune if yure treply java where i have to go with providing placement.

    and sap then tell me the institue that gives knowlwdge and placement also.

    thanking you

    1. Growth is same in both. But salaries are high on SAP but at the same time getting job is very difficult as opportunities are very less. But freshers, SAP posts will not be given at all. For this reason, many people join SAP with fake experience provided they got gap after completing B.Tech. Java gives chance for freshers and at the same time, openings are many. Now it is your choice.

  119. sir i have not seen this type of content in other web site also your unbelieveable sir i need struts1.x,2.x and also hibernate notes sir can u plz arrange or tell links .
    because in other websites there is not a understandable data.

  120. Hi Sir,

    I have gone through wrapper classes concept. It is clear and easily understandable.

    Thanks for providing such a good explanation with simple examples.

  121. Prakash Kumar Sahu

    Hello Good Afternoon Sir,
    I have completed corejava and Advance java and going to start Hibernate and Spring so which faculty is teaching well?

    As i am 2012 BTech passout ,
    so howlong can i try as a fresher?

    Is Struts necessary to do ?

    What is the difference between Java and .net ?

    Sir please comment…

    1. a) The best institute is Active Net (Faculty: Suryanarayana) and must have some patience to attend his classes.
      b) You can try as fresher upto maximum 2014 April.
      c) Struts is required for fresher.
      d) Spring and Hibernate are not required for fresher.
      e) Java and .NET are parallel technologies. .NET is used in small applications and Java in big applications due to high security support, many say.

      1. Good morning sir,
        I have completed Core Java,Advanced Java(Servlets, JSP)…Now i want to learn advanced course..

        Why struts is required for freshers???why not springs and hibernate?

  122. Hi Nageswara Rao,
    Today i have used this tutorial .It is looking awesome .Really Good . Could you please post spring and hibernate .it could be helpful for us .

    Hcl Technologies

    1. Still I have not posted advanced Java like JDBC, Servlets etc. It takes sometime. way2java.com is a hobby to me and not the profession. It gets you Java without even asking your name or login.

      I develop it in my spare time, if available.

      Thanks for your complement. Tell your friends also to go through to derive knowledge. I want to prove always Java is simple to practice.

  123. Hi sir
    i have studied your book “Core Java ” it is really help ful in understanding the concepts.can you just suggest what are the ways to gain the practical knowledge..even i was looking for the internships but i couldt not able to get any opportunities in internships..is there any coaching centers which teaches and provide the internship opportunities..

  124. sir I have worked in good IT company for 1.5 years but had to resign due to some family issue.During tat period i have worked on java script and jquerry.
    Now should i learn java technology ? or suggest me any technologies which increase the chance of my selection for next job ?
    Also for android what is the best institute ?

  125. Dear Sir,

    I am Ravi Patel from Bangalore. I am fresher. I have done MCA in 2013. I am searching job in java development track. please provide ebook of core java : an integrated approach. This is really very good for fresher.

      1. it is really vere helpful site for the freshers thank you to mr.nageswar rao for providing to us a gud site

  126. i am pursuing MCA in pune. I am interested in both .net and java which is better for my future. Which is more job oriented.

  127. Shobhit Bhatnagar

    Hello sir,
    Which technology is in demand today JAVA or PHP…??
    and if i opt PHP so from which institute in ameerpet i should do php so that i ‘ll get best training on live projects and can help me in placement.

  128. sir, Abap is more growth ya java..which is best …if which course i do in Sap .. i am doing mca .. so tell me which option i choose?. java or Abap or hana(module of sap).

  129. i’m studying B.E 3rd year CSE 5th sem.i want to join in software company with best salary.whether i will have need to learn any other course.please tell

    1. Yes, a lot. First learn C-lang very perfectly. Then Java also perfectly. C++ knowledge is preferable. One database like Oracle.

      Also aptitude and reasoning, English.

      All these are very much required to acquire a job. Do not think you know all these from your college curriculum. Your college curriculum is useful to get marks not job. Join in some good institute and start learning, practising, it is the good time for 5th sem.

  130. sir, i am doing mca . sir iam confuse whai i select java or sap (abap) ..plz help me sir which is best for me and for future growth…and which institue in hydrabad …

    awaiting yure reply

  131. hello sir
    m rohan, a student of second year b.tech with c.s.e
    m bit confuse about to choose a field in this stream now….so will u pls guide me a little….??
    thank you sir….

  132. syllabus of scjp does not contain GUI programming i want to learn awt,swing and applets which is the best book for these topics,as a fresher?

  133. sir i am from pune i want to learn java though books,i found scjp book(kathy siera,bert bates) is best for core java,right now i am preparing for scjp exam,i want to learn j2ee also which is the best book for advance java?

  134. Shiladitya Kundu

    Sir,what programming language(C++ or C# or Java or etc.) is most used in IT companies in India.

  135. hello sir m shobhit and i am placed in Hexaware bt i’ll get joining in 2014..in the mean while i want to do oracle and java so plz suggest me wat courses i should do in oracle and java in 3 months and from which institute in ameerpet.
    is satya a better option?

  136. i am doing mca from pune uni.. i heard yure name from my friend.. my query is i know only core java and doing advanse java course from natraj sir, durga soft.. but my goal is make a project s. plz suggest me who can guide and which institue is better for me for the project training with detail…plz mail me [email protected]

    1. sir.for achieving job in java what is company’s requirement from us as a fresher and experiense.and which institue i do this course better..?.

  137. Good Afternoon sir,

    I want to join in institute for certification in java at hyderabad..sir can u please suggest which institute is better Active net (or) Config solutions for a fresher…

    1. Dear Sir,

      How are you? I was attended your classes at Sri Aurobindio PG College at M.Sc Leval…..

      Kiran Kumar

  138. Good Afternoon sir,
    I completed my btech recently(2013 passout) and looking for job ,so want to do certifications in java.Can u please help me how to apply for certification and a fine institute to achieve that certification….

  139. Hello Sir,

    I am a 2011 passout. I have experience of 9 months in CMC on Java Technology. Is it sufficient to get a job with this experience?

  140. Hello Sir,

    I want to learn Springs and Hibernate. Kindly suggest me a good institute in Ameerpet.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. I have written a text on Java and is being published through as an iPhone application. It takes two months time.

      Earlier, I have written lot of books to the needs of students of B.Tech., M.Tech., MCA and BCA etc. released by Spectrum publications and now-a-days, they are not in publication operation as all are following all-in-one.

  141. sir the book titles
    core java : an integrated approach
    the ultimate c

    sir i need to confirm that are these two books written by you…….

  142. Sir my name is sooraj
    Studing in diploma final sem in karnataka
    I need very simple awt card layout program it must be 4 to 8 lines waiting replay…

  143. Hello Sir,
    I have completed my B.com(Computer Applications), am pretty much interested to learn Java technology but i have a doubt after learning the java,can i get the job with
    my education qualification? Is company can consider my education . Please reply.


    1. Learn Java. Learn Android (it is Java based mobile applications). If you are very good at subject, small companies will take you. After 3 years, you can shift to big companies. It is the easiest route for you to enter software field. Meantime, you can do MCA (IGNOU).

  144. hello sir,

    I am Rajarajan.. did u release ur core Java Book on the market.. if not means when u plan to Release…

  145. Hello Sir,

    I’ve completed my b-tech in ECE branch and placed in an IT company but the DOJ is in september, 2013(probably it might get postponed also). I want to learn some courses before joining. Please suggest me if I should learn JAVA or .NET or Networking courses and also suggest me the best institutes for respective courses.

    I stay near mehdipatnam and also working part time so can’t attend JAVA classes at Config..:-(

    Awaiting your reply sir,

    Thanks & Regards,

    Anusha Thati

  146. Hello sir ,

    I am currently working on Java /J2EE technology ..this website is such a useful for me and I cleared my basic concept through this site .Collection and OOPS fundamentals are described superbly in this site..

    Thank you sir.

  147. Hello Sir, Good Evening…
    I am Santosh from Bangalore, i have total 8.2 yrs exp in java/j2ee.i have 5 yrs exp in banking domain.i was employee of Triangle Global. i have very well exp in java, jdbc, servlet,jsp, ejb, jms, struts, hibernate, jpa, j2ee design patterns. and i know very well spring but i don’t have real time exp in spring. In Dec 2011, i leave my job because of some family reason… currently i got offer letter from Accenture for Technical Architect but i don’t know responsibility of Technical Architect and for past 6 months i was disturbed and i didn’t work.. so i am afraid..can you tell me what is exact responsibility of Technical Architect.. give me some advice because of i am too depressed..

    1. Architect job is to design the software. For example, a production company appointed your company to develop the complete software involving production, planning, stores, purchase, planning etc. Now where to start and where to end. It is architect job to design. It is very responsible position because when the coding is half the way, the design fails. All the labor is waste. Anyhow, you can join but some days work under an architect.

  148. sandeep kumar juluri

    Hi sir. Good evening.

    What is meant by phantom memory and its usage? I was asked this question in an interview recently.

  149. HI Sir,

  150. respected sir,
    Thank you for developing such amazing website lot’s of my Confucian’s are clear by reading articles.
    Best regards,
    vaibhav khamgonkar.

  151. Sir, are you conducting any weekend workshops for Servlets & /Jsp?

    can you suggest me, which institute is better to learn J2EE?

      1. hi sir
        which institute is better for learn core and adv java
        and which course is better for fresher to get job

  152. Hello Sir,

    I was your student at Config in 2008. I want to find out if you are still teaching core JAVA at Config. When my younger brother wanted to learn java, I suggested to go to Config only if you are teaching there and he said you were not there.
    Please tell me in which institute are you teaching now so that I can send my brother to your classes.

    Thanks & Regards,

  153. HI sir,

    I am sai krishna, If you remember i came to config and joined your last batch, Before your operation. Hope you are doing good. I am presently in USA. Is there any possibility that there is online coaching. Please reply me as soon as possible.

    thanking you,
    sai krishna

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