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way2java.com is a Java Tutorial site for Java freshers like college students and new programmers. It is absolutely free and does not ask you even a login screen.

Working as Corporate Trainer on Java Technologies for more than 15 years. Presently giving Corporate Training at Verizon, Mind Space, Hyd.

Author of many Java books at University level (for both Osmania and JNTU) like Web Programming, Client Server Programming through Java, OOPS through Java etc.

Teaches Java Technologies at
Config Software Solutions,


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  1. Srinivas P

    how can i get different client systems mac addresses in a web application using java with browser compatability

    i tried to get different client systems MAC addresses who are accessing my application…but i got only one address MAC (server system) all the time..

    below code:

    InetAddress ip = InetAddress.getLocalHost();
    Enumeration networks = NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces();
    while (networks.hasMoreElements()) {
    NetworkInterface network = networks.nextElement();
    byte[] mac = network.getHardwareAddress();
    if (mac != null) {
    System.out.print(“Current MAC address : “);
    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
    for (int i = 0; i < mac.length; i++) {
    sb.append(String.format("%02X%s", mac[i], (i < mac.length – 1) ? "-" : ""));

    output: single MAC Address ( server system MAC Address)

    But the problem is i want different MAC address of different client systems who are accessing my application n…will you please help me..

  2. Lakshmi Narayana

    Hi Nageswara Rao Sir,

    I want to Learn Core Java from, please tell me currently where (In which institute) You are teaching.
    so i will attend for your Training Sessions.

  3. mounica grand daughter of akunuri govinda rao asoknagar

    can you please post me your mobile no or residential address … mounica 9441206931 and 04027630664

  4. Dhaval Chandnani

    I am referring your blog since months and i think you are doing an awesome job.
    I would like you to put something on Remote Method Invocation !!
    Thank You.

    1. S. Nageswara Rao, Corporate Trainer

      You pointed out very correctly. I will do it within a week.

      I can give a brief introduction on RMI. Invoking a method existing on a different system, existing anywhere in the Globe, from your system without using Internet is known as Remote Method Invocation. For example, to know your account balance from ATM center existing in a bank server which is generally in a different place.

  5. Prateek

    I am a regular user of this blog & would like to thank S. Nageswara Rao sir for this blog that made us learn java in a simple & easy way. Also very happy to see the new version of this blog.

    Thanks once again sir.

  6. anil

    Hi sir,

    can you please tell me which is the best institute to learn unix and shell scripting at ameerpet. please tell me the faculty name.


  7. devi siva priya

    Hi sir
    Sir I want to excute servelt program using tomcat server with out any ide just by using java .please guide me sir.mean while I have these doubts.
    Is servelet api.jar can be download separately. But my tomcat does not not have this jar file.and my jdk is . 1.8.which tomcat version is suitable?and I have a doubt that while download ing tomcat from tomcat main website it show s zip.file and tar files.I don’t know which I have to download. My system is window s 7 32 bit.please which I have download.please clarify my doubt s sir
    I am struggleing for last month.
    Please explain in pin point leval .
    Thank you sir
    My mail I’d is devisivapriya9 @gmail.com

  8. yurestudent

    I am yure student ,compete java ..and searching the jobs,,sir , i am having one doubt, would i go for selenioum,or hadoop for more jobs opprtunitoes.. i am having 3 years gap…to recover i decide to go wider useful platform like hadoop
    b/z todays hadoop is more demand same as selenioum..so plz help me ….

  9. purna chandra senapaty

    Sir i ‘ve completed b.tech in EE branch…but i ‘ve more interest in software sector…Now i am starting my career in software line…
    So please suggest me what are the primary courses should i learn first…which is the best institute to give me basic fundamental ideas..
    And one more thing sir Is it possible to start a career in this sector after completing btech on EE branch…

  10. Vivek

    Sir This is Vivek…your old student ,

    Actually one of my friend interested to take java coaching . So, please tell me where you are teaching now ?? in Config or any where else ? Please send the address of your institute….It is urgent. please kindly reply fast sir….

  11. sujan

    Hi there,
    sir, i am basically from Electronics background. want to learn java but i have no idea about it. sir, may i know currently where you teach ? . Thought of learning under your guidance.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  12. sunil

    sir i am having 3 years gap,i complete java,but better jobs i am thinking do hadoop or selenium..
    plz suggest me which one with java will gives more jobs calls
    sir i am waiting for yure reply.

    i am confusied which i choosed..

  13. sunil

    sir i am having 3 years gap,i complete java,but better jobs i am thinking do hadoop or selenium..
    plz suggest me which one with java will gives more jobs calls

  14. Prasad


    I’m 2015 passed out fresher with mechanical engineering stream. I have to get a job. so I’m trying to learn java thinking I’ll have more opportunities in IT industry. Heard about you that you are the best teacher for java. Could you help me learning?


  15. prashant shukla

    sir i have completed my B.E cs-branch in 2012 when i complete the graduation that time in my family some problem came my father became ill with heart diseases and i m a single boy in my family so thats why that time due to money problem and for my father i did’nt go for interview outside of my hometown, becoz my father was working in under one shopkeeper ,so for family money is required and my father also was ill that time now he has recovered after operation, so he told me that you should not spoil your carrier go and apply for according to ur education, so sir i don’t have any experience and every companies consider only those pepole who are fresher or experience and so plz sir give me suggestion what shall i do , i did loan from bank for my education so plz sir help me … ????

  16. hk

    Dear Sir,
    I really appreciate you for your great work. I’m the great fan of you & I always suggest to my friends to read your book. I read your core Java book 2 times which help me a lot to understand the core Java concepts clearly.

    I’m 2014 pass out MCA student, working in a small company in Kolkata as a Java programmer. Right now I’m working on an ERP project which uses Java technology like struts framework and JDBC. Before that I worked in a part of this ERP project which is developed in Spring & Hibernate technologies.

    But sir, my problem is I’m getting very confused working on this project as I’m newbie on the above mentioned Java technologies and not getting properly. Could you please tell me in which institute of Hyderabad, I will join for online training for Spring, Hibernate & struts ?

  17. yurestudent

    sir,i am confused b/z i am having 2,5 years gap in academic

    sugget me the growthable course that will makes my carrer boost..

    some body suggest me goto salesforce having demand?
    whats yure suggestion?

  18. santosh

    Sir, i am doing java,i want to do cloud computing which module is best.. and which institue is best?
    todays cloud gaving more demand,so i want to make as expeariance,plz help me to suggest..with java ,cloud make my resume heavy..

  19. yourFollower


    I have been a regular follower of your site way2java.com I am a huge fan of your posts. I have also recommended your site to various friends and of mine. I have few doubts and wish to seek your help and guidance.

    Sir, I am 2014 pass out. Now I wish to start my career as a Java/J2EE Developer. I am well-versed with core and advance java. But due to cut throat competition in IT field, I am not able to get job as a java developer. After complete research on internet and discussions with seniors and I have decided to make a 1 year fake job experience certificate because that is the ongoing trend in getting jobs.

    Sir, I wish to know with what technologies should I equip myself so that I can be as skilled as a person with one year of experience is. Please suggest me which java technology should I must learn. I will also wish to know in what companies should I apply so that there is no background verification.

    I would be truly grateful if you could clear my queries.

    Thanking You.


    1. S. Nageswara Rao, Corporate Trainer

      One year experience is not treated as experience, it should be minimum 2 years. Experience guy means he should have minimum 2 years experience. Below 2 years, it is treated as fresher.

      Then what to learn depends on the project you put. In general learn, Spring, Hibernate, some testing, Struts etc.

      1. yourFollower

        there are lot of companies in delhi/ncr which hires 0 to 3 year experience programmer..!!

        Please tell me what should i do..!!
        should i join any insititute that provide live project training?? or should i learn everything myself?? Please guide me in details..
        I have also sent you the same email you may guide me out there. my email address is manojsingh.java@gmail.com. I have sent an email to surenagrao@yahoo.co.in 1 month ago.

          1. yourFollower

            Ok sir :)

            Thank you for your valuable comments. One more thing I wanna meet once in my life… whatever i learned i learned from here only. Thank you so much.

  20. Supraja

    hello Sir,
    please tell me what is the difference between Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection in Spring.I have gone through so many websites,but i couldnt understand clearly.

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